Saturday, 28 May 2016

Review: Tyson Caine (Brothers in Arms #1) by Aleya Michelle

****4 Stars****

Tyson Caine is the eldest brother of three brothers, Tyler and Thomas are 16 and 14, he seems to take on a lot of responsibility when it comes to his two younger brothers like for example makes sure they get out of bed etc, which I found strange as both are 16 & 14 years old, his father is a drunk and his mother wants to keep the peace all round.
Tyson's best friend is Brooklyn, he's always been there for her as she has for him, both start to see each other in a different light but are too scared to take the chance, to take things any further just in case they loose the friendship they hold so dear to them, but life is for taking chances.
I liked this book, it was a quick, easy and sweet read, I would love to know more about Tyson's brother Tyler so I'm hoping the author decides to tell his story, the storyline was good, flowed right and all the characters were well developed.

Reviewed by Gemma Curran

Brothers by blood, friends by choice.

I’m Tyson Caine, the oldest brother of three; I am their keeper, role model, watchful eye.
I’m also seventeen and in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. The hardest part is she’s my best friend and she doesn’t know I love her yet.

Should I risk our friendship for love?

Family Life is average, never a dull moment, especially with our three totally different personalities…
What will happen when chaos & turmoil are thrown upon us?
Can we keep our lifelong bond or will our connection be ripped apart?
Will the most sacred person to us, our mother, turn her back on us and walk away?

Can we unite and fight as one, or will the feud turn brother against brother..?
The fight has begun, can it be stopped before it turns into civil war and blood is shed?

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