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Review: Never A Choice (The Choices Trilogy #1) by Dee Palmer

****4 Stars****
This is book #1 in the Choices Trilogy from new author Dee's not perfect but it's certainly gripping with lots of drama.
For me, although said to be a BDSM/D/s book, it was less about that and more about the story.
There is so much that happens in this first book that it's kind of hard to review without giving too much away.
Bethany is on her own, with no family to speak of really, except the family that have taken her in. She's hard working and struggling to juggle her education with her need to make enough money to cover her bills.
She has an encounter with Daniel Stone that leaves her experiencing feelings she's never had before. Although I liked Daniel's character, he wasn't as much of a Dom as I'd expected and I guess this is my biggest issue with this book.
I've never known a Dom to ask so many questions. Doms IMO demand...they don't ask and for me there were too many question marks when he's demanding things. I think some must be in error as some of the sentences just don't work as a questions.
That being said, it's definitely a page turner and I was compelled to keep reading. Once I got over my issues with how dominant or forceful Daniel was or wasn't, I really got into the story.
There's laughter and tears, drama in abundance and a nemesis too. There's plenty to sink your teeth into.
For a first book, with only a few minor editing issues, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to book two.
Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer
Bethany Thorne has secrets and she’s told a few lies but she’s hurt no-one. She just wants a better life, she works hard for a better life, a life with choices but a chance encounter at her new University with disturbing stranger Daniel Stone makes her heart beat, her body tremble and rocks her very foundation. Reeling from the intensity of her unfathomable reactions to this man her world is sent further spiralling out of her control when on this first meeting he casually whispers that he knows she’s a liar. Bethany begins to feel her hard earned choices start to disintegrate before her.

Her innate and newly discovered submissive nature is highlighted further by her extreme reaction to each encounter with Daniel Stone. Dark and dominant he evokes an instant heat and desire she has never felt before, but he is dangerous, he is powerful and he seems to see right through her. Choosing to try and stay under his radar proves to be the first choice to slip through her fingers.
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Review: RUSH (City Lights: New York City #3) by Emma Scott

*****5 Stars*****
This is book 3 in the series but can be read as a stand alone.

I've never read any of the books in the series previously to this, or for that fact from this author. But I'm so glad I did!!
Let me just say, this is not a typical book that I would pick up on my own. When I skimmed the blurb, I volunteered to give this a go.
In this book we have Noah, he's an adrenaline junkie.
If it's jumping out of a plane, sky diving, skiing down a mountain slope he's there. Until one of those super stunts changed his whole life in every way possible.
Then we have Charlotte, she's on her way to her dream after graduating in music from Julliard. She plays her violin straight from her heart with feelings that pump through her soul.
That is until one earth shattering event in her life changed all that.
I don't want to give anything away about this book. So my review will be vague. This is like no Coming of Age book I've read before. These characters didn't make me cringe or roll my eyes (I know shocking). They had this amazing story of trying to rebuild your life when you think you honestly just want to crawl away and think you have nothing else to hold you together....
However it wasn't a pity party, it was so realistic the way things just happened and came together. I could actually see myself feeling the way these characters did, with the same realistic reactions.
We didn't need the normal love triangles, added friends drama or any of the normal stuff that's in these type of books.
Even the side characters, you can't help but love most of them too. They all just fit. This story just worked all the way around.
It was just real!!
These characters and writing stand out on their own. If there is any Coming of Age book you're going to read this year, make it with Noah and Charlotte.
I will for sure read this author again and so should you.
Reviewed by Amy Kormanik-Jones
To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable. --John Milton

Charlotte Conroy, Juilliard-trained violinist, was on the cusp of greatness when tragedy swooped down on dark wings, crushing her hopes and breaking her heart. The music that used to sing in her soul has grown quiet, and she feels on the verge of setting down her violin for good. To pay the bills, she accepts a job as a personal assistant to a bitter, angry young man who’s been disabled by a horrific accident …

Noah Lake was an extreme sport athlete, journalist and photographer. He roamed the world in search of his next adrenaline high, until a cliff-dive left him in a coma. He awakes to find his career gone, his dreams shattered to pieces, his world an endless blackness that will never lift.

Charlotte begins to see that beneath Noah’s angry, brittle exterior is a young man in a pain. She is determined to show him that his life isn’t over, that he has so much to live for, never dreaming that she would become the only light in his darkness, or that he would help her find the music in hers.

The life he knew is over. The life she wants is just out of reach.
Together, they must face their fears and rediscover what it means to really live.

RUSH is Book III in the City Lights Series, and each can be read as a standalone.
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Review: Until Jax (Until Him #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

*****5 Stars*****
Since the death of her brother, Ellie doesn't have a family that she can depend on, apart from her adorable daughter Hope. When Jax rescues Ellie, he not only falls in love with her but Hope too, who has Jax and the rest of his family wrapped round her finger in no time.
Until Jax is such a lovely read which in true Until Series style will have you laughing and crying. I can't wait to get my hands on more of the series.
Although it's a different series to the Until Series and can be read on it's own, I would recommend that you read the Until Series first as there are a lot of characters from that series and it might get a little confusing trying to work out who everyone is.
I love the writing style and the story flows brilliantly. It's written in dual POV between Jax and Ellie.
Reviewed by Danielle Meredith
Ellie Anthony isn’t looking for love. She isn’t even looking for a man, but when Jax Mayson insists on keeping her and her daughter safe, she’s left with no choice but to trust him. Now she just hopes she doesn’t get hurt when she falls hard for a guy who’s known for breaking hearts.

Jax Mayson knows that Ellie is his BOOM the moment he sees her. When he finds out she has a daughter, he realizes he wants a family, and he will do whatever is necessary to keep both of his girls safe, even if that means facing the demons from his past.
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Review: Fire of Fryslan (Tales of Skylge #3) by Jen Minkman

***3 Stars***
Fire of Fryslan is the conclusion to the Tales of Skylge series and it really wrapped things up nicely and also added an interesting character POV (Melinda) and her trials, both with the existing story arc of the series and also coming to grips with her sexual orientation. I would like to state that the author has handled this particularly tricky topic with realism and tact. You only got a glimpse of Melinda’s character in the previous books but in this installation you definitely come to sympathize with her. She’s a girl stuck between two worlds, the one she was born into and the one that she wants to make for herself. She really is a very courageous and admirable character. Like the other books in the series this one was extremely well written and the author’s attention to detail and extraordinary world building capabilities make this a very enjoyable read. The only critique I would offer is that the constantly changing POVs can make comprehending this complex plot structure a little difficult. But the changing POV is necessary since there are a number of story lines that need to be wrapped up. The ending of the book felt a little rushed and I would have liked to see it fleshed out a little bit more. I really enjoyed this series and it’s one of the more original series that I have read in a long time.
Reviewed by Amanda Anderson
Friend turns to foe,
Light fades to darkness,
but a new Fire is burning in the night.

Aska, Tjalling, Sytse, Enna, and Royce have fallen into the hands of Mayor Edison. The corrupt leader of Brandaris knows what they have done, but what he doesn't know is what motivated them. In a desperate attempt to regain power over the island, he uses the five rebels as bargaining chips to force the Skelta to reveal who is part of the Skylger resistance. Anglian girl Melinda and Skylger girl Dani team up to free their friends from prison, but their task won't be an easy one.

Meanwhile, some of the Sirens from the deep visit the indigenous Skylgers to help them to reclaim what was once theirs. And when Tesla and his assistant set sail for the island of Skylge to come to the people's aid as well, all bets are off. Edison will not give up his family's position of power without a fight, and his struggle will involve Anglians, Skylgers, and Sirens alike.

The War of Currents is about to be fought, and nothing will ever be the same again.
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Review: Seizing Control (Black Shamrocks MC #1) by Kylie Hillman

****4 Stars****
This is the first book from Kylie Hillman and she has done really good with it. The story is centred around Laine, the daughter of the president of Black Shamrocks MC. The first few chapters of this book had me a little confused as it starts off four years after an incident that turned Lanie's life upside down and also the people around her. She now has to deal with her ex and all the trouble he has caused and will cause again but to also try and stay strong for herself and her family. The writing of this book is past and present but on each chapter it tells you where you are and which character the part is about, most of it is Lanie's POV but there's also some from Mad Dog (Mik).
Mik is the VP of the MC and long time friend and Laniey's fiancée, he's a hard man but loyal to both the club and to Lanie, however a few things happen that really make you think!
Then you have Brendon who is the ex and let me tell you he really is a piece of work that you go though the whole book wanting to beat the hell out of for what he does.
You meet the other main people in the family and MC in this books such as Beast (prez and dad to Lanie), Benji is her brother by blood and Timber (A MC brother). These are the other characters that stood out throughout the book. There's also Lanie's other blood brother but I won't be saying who that is as it can ruin part of the story for readers.
I feel the story line was good however everything did seem to happen within the last 30% of the book. There are twists within the book that make you think that there will be others to follow. Also it's not a typical HEA but also not a cliff-hanger.
Reviewed by Louise Ward
Only daughter of the volatile President of the Black Shamrocks MC and long-suffering sister to four overprotective brothers, Madelaine O'Brien has survived circumstances that would have broken a lesser woman.

Mik 'Mad Dog' Kennedy is her salvation, her reward for continuing to fight, and the matching piece of her soul.

With her life finally happy and on track, will the reappearance of the monster from her past be the event that finally breaks her? Or will he be the catalyst she needs to put it all behind her, once and for all?

They say when life gives you lemons; make lemonade. What happens when life keeps sending you demons who refuse to stay buried? Do you lie down and accept defeat or rise to the seemingly unwinnable challenge, and start SEIZING CONTROL?
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Review: Crave (Tainted Angels, #1) D.H. Sidebottom

****4 Stars****
Okay before reading this review please not I have never read para and this was my first go at trying to read it so please go easy on me.
This is the story of Willa and Rax 2 people who are from different realms but 2 people who should not be hungry for each other either! Willa is a Seraph which is an Empyrean Angel and she starts off pretty weak but soon learns that her inner/outer angel/demon along with her past can make her stronger and more powerful. Rax is a Gehenna Demon so you know what they say opposites attract but can both of them together unite their realms as one and find the secrets they need to know to keep both their realm worlds safe?
I went into this book with an open mind. I'm going to be honest and say I really struggled the first half of the book, mostly due to my lack of knowledge in the paranormal world. The glossary was a godsend to say the least and I'm glad the author included it. In my own honest opinion I have to be honest and say I'm not a converted para reader yet, however the story itself drew me in especially when I got used to the different worlds and meanings. The writing as per usual from this author is flawless and flows well with the right amount of angst and plot twists in the right places. There was a couple of parts where I thought the humerous banter was a bit out of place for a para book but then that may just be me as I have no idea how humour in para books goes. I gave this 4 stars just because for my first para book I think it was just to many things for me to take in at once so my lack of knowledge hindered the enjoyment slightly for the first half of the book. I encourage all you para readers to grab this and Enjoy! Xxx PS I will be reading the next book in the series because I need to know how the overall story pans out.
Reviewed by Claire Lamb
Willa Eden is used to being different. As an angel she shouldn’t have the dark thoughts she has on a regular basis. She is a soul saver for the Empyrean but since hitting her twenty first birthday, Willa knows she’s much more than that. So much more.
And it isn’t until she meets the arrogant and voracious demon, Rax Torres, that Willa finally finds out just how unique she is.
What should be impossible becomes possible and what her body should never crave becomes too formidable to ignore.
Willa’s unique blood can save the demons that are infected with The Virus and are dropping like flies around her – Rax included. All they have to do is taste a drop. But there’s a catch.
Willa’s blood will also kill anyone who is granted even a single drop.
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Review: #Jerk Kat T. Masen

*****5 Stars*****
If you don't like a love triangle, this book may not be for you. But for all that's holy ‪#‎pleaseread‬!!
This book is a stand-alone, but I so hope we hear more from these couples or Mrs. Masen does a series with any of the side couples.

We have Presley, she's been dreaming of her perfect life, her perfect man, and the perfect according to her OCD plan of life. If there's a way to make a check list and live strictly to it...Presley found it. She's also strong, smart, and independent.
I'm not a huge fan of female leads, but by God, I love her.
Then we have Hayden, he's the ‪#‎Jerk‬. Can I just say in my defense, when you come back and say, "how could you?" I'm sure enough going to say, "I loved him!!"
He's sarcastic, arrogant, and a little easy. Okay a lot easy.

These two meet through work and it just goes from there.
I loved the back and forth banter. I loved the sparks that grew. I'm so glad this wasn't an insta-love book, that would never have worked with these stubborn, bull-headed, and I love to one up the other characters.

One thing I usually HATE is the gay guy pal in all the romantic comedy books. Can I just say, it worked in here!! I couldn't wait to hear what came out of Clive's mouth next. See, he was also so funny, he has some of the best one liners, EVER!!

There's only two things I can say even remotely negative about this book:
1. I would have loved more smexy time between these two. The thing is though this story is so solid, I didn't notice that I needed more (between the sheets) til I read Epilogue. I was yelling, NOOO!! Hold the press.
Which brings me to number...
2. I need more!! I loved these characters. I even loved the side characters and their stories. So Mrs. Masen, you HAVE to make this a series.

If you are looking for a Rom-Com with strong characters, side characters, and a twisty-thorny plot....
This is a MUST read.
Reviewed by Amy Kormanik-Jones
He was that boy in the playground.
The one that pulled your pigtails.
The one that lifted your dress in front of the entire school.
Now he's that guy in the office.
The one that steals your lunch from the fridge.
The one that gets away with everything.
I'm sure you know him. Everyone knows that guy.
He's a #JERK.

Presley Malone knew her relationship with her fiancé, Jason, had run its course.
The second that ring came off her finger, she didn't expect to be the pawn in an immature game played by the office jerk.

His name is Haden Cooper, and he is six years younger than her. Immature and irresponsible, getting drunk and stoned every weekend like he never left college. He rode a motorcycle, carrying a different girl each week. He was everything a jerk should be—insensitive, unreliable, and most importantly, a heartbreaker.

Haden enjoyed playing games, and when it came to Presley Malone, it was all too easy. Miss Know-it-all with her over-the-top OCD was soon going to get a taste of what it was like to live on the edge.

But what starts off as an innocent prank soon becomes an unhealthy obsession.

He is wrong for her and she is wrong for him. It's a battle of the sexes ready to go to war. But in this battle there are no winners, and it takes only one fateful night and six tequilas for their lives to take an unexpected turn that changes them both forever.
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Review: Give Me Yesterday by K. Webster & Elle Christensen

*****5 Stars*****
For the last 10 years, Victoria has and closed herself off from everyone, she has very little contact with her family, she has no friends and no life really outside work. That's her life and she doesn't care about anything else. After struggling for years she finally cracks and her boss forces her to attend group therapy for grief counselling. Reliving her past the last is the absolute last thing she wants to do but it's either that or lose her job, so she reluctantly attends and that's where she meets the gorgeous Chase who is determined to make her live and love again.
Both Chase and Victoria are such brilliant characters, the chemistry between them was undeniable and I just got lost in their story.
I was broken before I even got to chapter one. The prologue to this book is absolutely heart wrenching. If you are looking for an "ugly cry" book then this is definitely for you. I think I cried harder reading this book than any other I have read.
I have a major book hangover from this book. I read it in one sitting, reading till the early hours as I couldn't put it down. Such a beautiful and heartbreaking read. I highly recommend this book.
Reviewed by Danielle Meredith
High powered divorce lawyer, Victoria Larkin, is known as the ice queen. Tough. Emotionless. What they don’t know, is that ten years ago, she lost everything. Including her hope for the future.

Chase Monroe struggles with his own demons. Devastated by guilt and on a mission to correct his past, he uses his skills as a college psychology professor to help others move beyond their grief.

When Victoria is forced to attend grief counselling, she meets Chase, and there is an instant attraction. Chase is determined to help her confront her past and find happiness. Victoria is afraid to relive her pain.

Just as they begin to step forward, tragedy strikes and throws them backwards, and they find themselves, once again, shackled to the past.

Can Chase and Victoria find the path to a happy future together? Or will they forever be wishing for yesterday?
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New release from D.H. Sidebottom!

D.H. Sidebottom's new paranormal story Crave has gone live early!
I absolutely cannot wait to read this one!!

Review: Tainted Black‬ by Shanora Williams

*****5 Stars*****
In this book we have a tale of older man and younger woman. When I say younger woman, I mean much younger. 22 years to be exact.
This book isn't all flowers, puppies, and rainbows where everything is wrapped up in a pretty bow.
If you find that type of subject matter hard to deal with this book probably isn't for you.
This is a standalone.
In this book we have Chloe, she's hard to explain in a unique way. She's literally her own person. She has a good heart for what her home life is made of. A neglectful mother, and a father who's a workaholic, trying to provide every last whim for his family.
Then we have Isabelle at 12 years old, her and her family move in across the street from Chloe. They become the bestest of friends over the years. All the while growing closer with the whole family. That includes one hot father figure, Mr. Theodore Black.
After an accident leaves Mr. Black in one of his lowest points in his life, there is only one person around to keep an eye on him to keep him from self destruction.
Let me just say, this book steamed up my kindle. The intimate times, sheesh this author can write!!
I was hooked from page one. The writing just flowed throughout this whole book. With the alternate POV we're never left wondering for long about what's going on in Mr. Black's head.
This book has so many twists and turns that you don't even see coming while wrapped up in Theo and Chloe's story.
I would highly recommend this book for a hot, steamy, taboo read.
This is my first book from this author and it won't be the last.
Reviewed by Amy Kormanik-Jones
Dear Mr. Black,

I know you were hurting. I heard your cries. I wished over and over again that I could make it better, but as you stated I was too inexperienced; too good for someone as bad as you.
Perhaps you were right, but it didn’t matter because what I did know was that I loved the way you felt—loved the way you smelled. I loved how hard you got for me, and when you called me your Little Knight.
I can still remember that day in the park, when you held me close and kissed me deep. How you effortlessly made me cry your name on top of sweet smelling grass, making me feel like the only girl in the world. I loved how you looked at me, how you spoke to me.
I had been madly in love with you ever since I was twelve years old, but I shouldn’t have been.
Isabelle would have hated it—my best friend. I couldn’t afford to lose her. Besides, you two had already lost enough. Losing Mrs. Black was the epitome.

It’s Chloe Knight.
I wanted to be there for you no matter what, but Isabelle needed me too.
And she would have hated me if she ever found out I was sleeping with her father.

** Tainted Black is a forbidden love-story about a girl who helplessly falls for her best friend’s father. After a tragic accident ends the life of Theo Black’s wife, he turns to the one person he has always found interesting.
Chloe Knight, the girl from across the street, his daughter’s best friend, and a person that is considered completely off limits for him. **
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Freebie from Ker Dukey!

Empathy by Ker Dukey, book 1 in the series of the same name, is FREE for a limited time only! Get your hands on this little beauty!

Review: Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward

*****5 Stars*****
Wow. This book just took the spot of my favourite book EVER!!!
Knowing that it's a forbidden romance, I went in thinking that I could predict how the story would go, but I couldn't have been more wrong! I felt a whole range of emotions while reading this book and I pretty much sobbed through the ending.
Sevin had agreed to a courtship with Elle and went to live in her parents guest house. They would move into a house of their own once they were married and would be allowed time together unsupervised. That was the plan anyway.
Evangeline was on her way to her friends house she met Sevin. There was instant chemistry between them. They chatted for a while and shared secrets, but when Evangeline learned Sevin's name, she ran.
Although the story is a stand alone, I'm gutted that it's over. I really really want more!
I couldn't recommend this book more, you will honestly miss out if you don't read it.
Reviewed by Danielle Meredith
From the New York Times bestselling author of Stepbrother Dearest, comes a new forbidden STANDALONE romance.

What happens when the one you want is the only one you can’t have?

My name is Sevin.

Homeschooled and sheltered by my ultra-religious family, I was always taught that lust was a sin.

Elle was the girl who’d been carefully chosen for me.

After a long-distance courtship, I’d be moving into her family’s guesthouse so that we could get to know each other in the months before the wedding.

Boundaries were set: no inappropriate touching, no kissing, no sex before marriage.

I’d accepted those rules and my fate.

Until I met the one I wanted to sin with.

That was when restraint became a problem…especially since "the one" wasn’t Elle.

It was her sister, Evangeline.

You know what they say about best laid plans.

My name is Sevin, and I have sinned.
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Review: Beautifully Loyal (Southern Boy Mafia #2) by Nicole Edwards

*****5 Stars*****
OMG this has to be one of the hottest ménage books I've ever read!
Please note this book is M/F, M/M, M/F/M and M/M/F so if your not into bi sexual ménage then don't read ahead.
This is the story of Ashlynn Adorite, sister of Mafia boss Max Adorite. Ashlynn uses sex as a coping mechanism to drown out events from her past. She was born in to the Mafia lifestyle and can cope with anything thrown her way, well anything except love. Love is the one thing Ash doesn't understand or know how to feel. That is until 2 men start breaking down her barriers, but can they be successful?
Jase is Ash's bodyguard and sex toy but what Ash doesn't realise is what Jase feels deep down not just for her but for the other man that both Ash and Jase like to tease. This is where we get complicated. Leyton is Max Adorites right hand man, he has always been sworn off Ash by his loyalties to Max. Max saved his life and Leyton doesn't want to jeopardise the brotherhood he feels with Max. So the big question is will the temptation prove too much ?
Nicole Edwards has got to be my go to author for M/M or ménage. The books are so well written and the sex factor is off the charts hot without drowning out the actual storyline. Beautifully Loyal has got to be my favourite one yet between the 2 intertwining series of Sniper One Security and Southern Boy Mafia. I was drawn into the story and connected well with the characters. I can't wait to see the development of the rest of the series as we get to know more of the characters.
Reviewed by Claire Lamb
Sometimes love isn’t enough…
Sometimes you’re required to be beautifully loyal.

If you think you know her… You’re wrong.
If you think you know her family… Wrong again.
If you think you know her story… You don’t.

Ashlynn Adorite is no stranger to the cruel and unusual world she was born into. In fact, she accepts it, understands it, embraces it. However, in her world, falling in love isn’t simply a choice. It causes problems, changes lives, disrupts business.

Sex, pleasure, carnal desires ... those things Ashlynn understands. Love ... not so much. Her world is turned upside down when she starts to feel something for not just one man, but two. The question is, can she have all that she desires, or will loyalty to her family interfere.
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Bargain Box Set from Jani Kay!

For a limited time only you can grab the Scorpio Stinger MC box set for only 99p/c!
This is an amazing bargain!!
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Review: Wrong Number, Right Guy (The Bourbon Street Boys #1) by Elle Casey

****4 Stars****
4 Stars Overall
Hero 4.5 stars
Heroine 5 stars
Plot 4 stars
Romance 3 stars
Hilarity 4.5 stars
I really enjoyed this first book in the Bourbon Street Boys series.
They are basically a private security firm, but they're not all boys as the name suggests. There's Ozzie, Lucky, Dev, Thibault and the only female of the group so far is Toni. Each member has their own distinguishing traits. I loved the camaraderie between them all and it was clear to me they were a very close knit group.
One night May receives a text message and believing it to be her sister she responds and agrees to go to a dingy biker bar, downtown to try and help her out. And here is where she meets Ozzie, who at first glance is not appealing to May in the slightest.
What struck me most about this book was how funny it was. I mean here we have a ditzy girl who carries round her beloved chihuahua in her bag and uses words like 'Toot' and 'Poop', which under normal circmstances wouldn't work for me, but I really did think it worked in this book and then we have Ozzie who is as rugged and mean and moody as they come. How these two could possibly work together was hard to imagine, but the humour in this book makes it totally plausible.
I was almost tempted to rate this book higher, but I really do feel there is so much more to come, but what a great start to a series. This is the first book I've read by this author and I can only describe it as a real hidden gem and definitely one for those who love the more humorous side to romance.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
When a mysterious text message summons May Wexler to a biker bar in downtown New Orleans, she knows something is very wrong. Her sister has sent out an SOS, but when May gets there, she’s nowhere to be found and May is the one in trouble—she’s wearing pink espadrilles, she’s got a Chihuahua in her purse, and she’s in the middle of a shootout.

After tall, muscular Ozzie comes to her rescue, May has no choice but to follow him to safety. At the headquarters of his private security firm, the Bourbon Street Boys, she finds a refuge for the night—and the offer of a job. But it’s not long before a gun-toting stalker isn’t the only complication in May’s life: the more time she spends with Ozzie, the less she can deny that they’ve got some serious chemistry. A wrong number got her into this mess…Will it also get her the right guy?
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Review: Crash (The Beat and the Pulse #3) by Amity Cross

*****5 Stars*****
I love this series and Crash though it is different characters from the first two books does not disappoint. I was a little in awe of the authors compassion in writing this story that has such a difficult subject matter and honestly a few times I just stopped to absorb the message in her words.
We met Violet in Pulse and learned of the trauma she had been through and the lasting effects that the assault had on her and Ash's life, and as her brother starts to make a new life for himself Violet realises that she has to too. As she visits with her therapist we learn of the fears that still hold her prisoner and it is these visits through the book that make for some inspirational writing from the author. With encouragement from her therapist and Ash, Violet prepares to re-enter society and see if she can learn to regain her life and so she agrees to take a position at Pulse, Ash's new gym.
Lincoln is another familiar character that I really liked from the previous books and was so happy to learn that this was to be his story. Lincoln is carrying an injury that has forced him to return home from competitive training in Sydney and finding himself at a loose end he agrees to help out as a trainer at the gym for Ash. He is surprised to find Violet working at the gym after learning of her story previously from Ash and he is considerate in his approach to Violet even if he messes it up a few times initially. Lincoln is a great character, he is perfect for Violet and I honestly fell for him more and more as the story unfolded.
We learn that Lincoln and Violet both had a thing for each other as teens that they never acted on before Violet was assaulted. That attraction is quickly reignited when they encounter each other at the gym but Violet is quick to dismiss any hope of being able to make the even bigger step of a relationship as she struggles to cope with daily interaction alone. Soon though they become friends and Lincoln is just lovely in helping Violet build confidence and strength and is just what she needs but will she be able to take the bigger step into a relationship? Just as things seem to be working out, Lincoln has to return to Sydney and Violet is left to face up to her fears once again, can she take the bigger step to show Lincoln he is what she needs? Things don't go to plan and Violet and Lincoln are left reeling from a misunderstanding and Lincoln is left to fight for Violet and I was right there with him.
I am so looking forward to the next book in this series already.
Reviewed by Vikki Ryan
Violet Fuller has been through a lot in her short life.
After being viciously attacked, she’s hidden herself away from the world for the past five years, fearing everyone and everything. That’s until the day she finally gathers the courage to go outside.
Violet decides to take a job at her brother Ash’s new gym, Pulse, to reacquaint herself with the male dominated world of MMA. She used to be her brother’s biggest supporter, going to all his matches and cheering him on. There’s no one he trusts more to help him run the admin side of his new business, but when Violet walks through the door for the first time, she sees someone she wasn’t expecting.
Handsome, AUFC fighter, Lincoln Hayes.
The same Lincoln Hayes that she’s had a crush on since she was sixteen.
All muscled, disciplined, hot as hell, six-foot two of him. He’s definitely not a boy anymore.
Things are about to become more difficult than Violet had hoped. So much for easing back into reality.
And Lincoln? He’s only got one thing on his mind.
How do you win over a woman who is afraid of everything?
You fight.
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Monday, 21 September 2015

Bargain Box Set from Ilsa Madden-Mills

The Briarcrest Academy Box Set by Ilsa Madden-Mills is live and is on freaking sale! It is currently only £1.99/$2.99 but will soon be going up in price so get it now while it's cheap! The box set includes all four books of the series:
Very Bad Things
Very Wicked Beginnings
Very Wicked Things
Very Twisted Things

Review: More Than Water by Renee Ericson

*****5 Stars*****
I was intrigued by the blurb of More Than Water and I wasn't disappointed.
The female lead is EJ she is straight talking with no filter, honest and a good friend, I loved her immediately, she is an art history major and very passionate about art, unfortunately her parents dont share that same enthusiasm, pleasing her wealthy parents starts to become a burden as she wants to do her own thing and stretch her artistic wings.
EJ starts to work at the library a few nights a week and this is where she meets Foster Blake he is her complete opposite, Foster is a geeky but hot science nerd studying chemical engineering, over the course of working together they form a friendship, but will the friendship be threatened after they share a night of drunken passion? Not at all they become friends with benefits, so opposites do attract!!!
More Than Water blends good likeable characters and not just the two leads but secondary characters, plot and writing style all together into this awesome book.
Renee Ericson is a new author that I have now discovered and I'm so glad I took the chance and now I can't wait to read more from her.
Reviewed by Gemma Curran
It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel wrong. It just...feels.

EJ Cunning, an art history major, dates musicians. Foster Blake, a chemical engineering major, can’t sing a tune. They’re not each other’s type. They’re coworkers.

Then, one night leads to sex—sex between friends—which leads to an agreement. It all seems so simple—but nothing ever is.

Many layers build a person’s facade.

Look into the depths for what’s hidden within.

It’s more than water. It’s a story—a living and breathing substance beyond the reflective surface.
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Dirty Bad Strangers 99p/c sale!

Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West is on sale for only 99p/c for a limited time!