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Review: Dirty (RAW Family #2) by Belle Aurora

****4 Stars****

I can honestly say this is probably one of the most highly anticipated books of the year and for obvious reasons (Remember the end of Raw? Yeah that!) is most likely the hardest review I've ever had the fortune to write. It also is one of those books that I couldn't decide whether should have been written or not. A book as immense as Raw was always going to be a hard act to follow.
This book focuses on Julius Carter, who was Twitch's ally in Raw, and Alejandra Gambino, the daughter of Mobster, Eduardo Castillo. As far as I know Alejandra and her family are entirely new characters. I was able to get into Alejandra's mind fairly early on and her circumstances really got to me. Julius was a lot more difficult for me to get a feel for. Although he appeared in Raw, I had a hard time visualising his character, plus as he was a man of so few words it was sometimes incredibly hard to warm to him. I wasn't able to do a reread of Raw, so some recapping would have really helped and it wasn't until I was quite a way into the book that enough of a description for Julius was given that I could picture him in my mind.
I, like I'm sure is the case with nearly every reader who has read Raw, went into this book with questions that needed answering, like they needed air to breathe, however I felt the mystery surrounding Raw was what made it such a monumental read and for me I wasn't entirely sure this book was really necessary as some of that mystery was taken away. However it was the final 25% of Dirty that really made me thankful Belle wrote this. I was simply glued to the pages. I was immersed in Alejandra's world, I finally got Julius as a character and I simply didn't want it to end.
Could this book live up to the epic-ness that is Raw? Could Julius be a serious contender for Twitch? Personally I think no, because there was too much of a hard act to follow and so much uncertainty for me so early on, but that's not to say this wasn't a good read. Because firstly I can't stop thinking about what happened in this book and I really can't stop wondering what will be revealed in the third and final book of this iconic series.

Reviewed by Louise Dale

My marriage seemed perfect from the outside looking in.
People envied me. They wanted my life, wanted to be me.

Mrs Alejandra Gambino. 
Wife of Dino Gambino. Daughter of Eduardo Castillo.
Respected. Loved. Mob royalty.

They had no idea of the horrors that lurked behind closed doors.
They didn't know I was at the lowest point a person could reach.

Enter Julius Carter.
Aloof, handsome, blue-eyed Julius Carter.

He saved me.
I screwed him over.

Now everybody was after me. My life was forfeit.
It was only a matter of time. I was a dead woman walking.

The question was, who would get to me first?

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Review: Amore: Part 2 (Amore #2) by Bella Jewel

*****4.5 Stars*****

It's the eagerly awaited second part to the Amore series! After book one ended on a cliffhanger I was itching for book 2, I didn't even have to wait that long but it felt like forever!
This is going to be a hard review to write because I don't want to give away any spoilers for book one either in case people were waiting for them both to release before starting them. So with that in mind I'm not going to say much on the plot, other than to say, this is Bella Jewel writing a mafia romance, why have you not read this yet?? And also, Joker's Wrath and Marcus Tandem may make a little cameo or two in this book, I really don't think I need to say more, that would have me convinced to read this!
I do think this book could have been stretched out a bit longer to build up some more tension, that being said I loved the ending. And with Bella Jewel regularly having characters from previous books make appearances in her new ones, who knows, this might not be the last we see of Rafael and Julietta. I certainly hope not!
I also kind of have my heart set on Celia getting her own spin-off book, she's one feisty chick, I'd like to see her giving some guy the run around, maybe Vincent!
A great conclusion to the Amore series and, as always, another fab read from Bella Jewel.

Reviewed by Steph Lewis

He told me to run. So I ran. 
It turns out just because you run from something, doesn’t mean it can’t find you.
He’s coming for me. 
He wants what I hold closest. 
He wants to lie, manipulate and use me. 
He wants me to betray him. 
Leader of the Italian Mafia. 
Love of my life. 
Father of my child. 
He’s going to make me do the unthinkable. 
There is no way out. 
I’m trapped and about to make the biggest mistake of my life. 
I’m running full throttle towards an oncoming train, and there isn’t a single thing I can do to stop it. 
I’m going to become what I was most afraid of. 
A monster.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Review: My Addiction (Club Desire #2) by Cassie Ryan

****4 Stars****

My Addiction is the second book in the Club Desire series and can be read as a standalone (I hadn't realize going in it was part of a series and read it without issue). Dex is an FBI agent that takes on an undercover assignment in LA at a elite BDSM dungeon frequented by Hollywood A-listers because one of the members is suspected of having ties to terrorists. This assignment is perfect for him, since he is a Dom at Club Desire in Phoenix.
When Dex meets Kate, a submissive at the club, the attraction between them is immediate. Kate runs a tech form and one of her clients seems to be involved in terrorism. Dex is convinced she has no idea and sets out to prove her innocence. Things get complicated when Kate's life becomes endangered because of her corrupt father.
This was an interesting book by a new to me author. There was quite a lot happening plot wise. We had the terrorist plot, complications because of Kate's father and also all of the BDSM scenes. The LA club is not very well run and Dex realizes quickly that Kate has little knowledge of how a respectable Dom should be treating his submissive. As Dex teaches Kate how a Dom should respect hard limits and provide aftercare, their connection and attraction deepens. Dex begins to realize Kate may be the submissive he needs in his life and Kate has never felt the things she does kneeling at Dex's feet.
I really enjoyed both Dex and Kate. Dex was a good man and a compassionate Dom. Kate was an independent woman with a backbone who was not afraid to stand up for herself. I also enjoyed their relationship. Feelings developed quickly, but in a believable way. My only issue, and the reason I rated this 4 stars was that several times during the story I felt things became a bit rushed, especially when the story transitioned from LA to Phoenix and at the end of the story. Even with that small quibble, I enjoyed the story very much. It was packed full of well written BDSM and lots of plot twists. I'll be keeping my eye out for future books in this series.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

In a novel of erotic passion and deep commitment from the author of My Obsession, an undercover cop finds a soulmate who surrenders to his healing touch.

Fiercely independent and determined to free herself from her father’s manipulation, tech expert Kate Fretwell finds a refuge in L.A.’s elite BDSM dungeon scene as the hot new thing to political and Hollywood A-listers. Still, all that glitters gets old, and Kate soon tires of the stream of well-heeled masters who expect her to be at their beck and call. Then she meets a very different kind of Dom—one whose quiet confidence, strength, and command bring her most willingly to her knees.

Undercover FBI agent Dex Alexander fits right into his assignment to expose terrorist links to one of L.A.’s most popular clubs. The case has reawakened a desire to find the perfect companion, and he knows that beautiful, vulnerable Kate is a woman he could love. But when her father’s corruption unwittingly makes Kate the target of a bigger enemy, Dex brings her to his Phoenix home—and his dungeon, Club Desire. Here she shows him just how eager she is to give him everything . . . and more.

Review: Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One (King #5) by T.M. Frazier

*****5 Stars*****

Where the heck do I start with this review, I mean come on this is the one book I have been waiting for and I need to keep my language clean or platforms won't publish but let me tell you I think I need to go beat the living daylights out of T.M. Frazier's brain to give me more. This book will test your hard limits in dark subject matter but TM is one of only a select few authors I know who write it in such a clever and brilliant way that it blends and just gels with the story making it fit in perfectly in a less offensive or triggering way. 

I won't rehash any of the plot for fear of spoilers, if you have read the first 4 books especially Soulless then you understand why. If you haven't read the first 4 then I damn you to the dark gates of hell for missing out already. 
Obviously the book is about Preppy and Dre who are a match in the shit*y past department, both equally having nightmare lives past and present. However this was just the beginning and certainly nowhere near the end! In terms of character development well we already know and love Preppy for the sexy, foul mouthed, crazy, Pancake Loving, bow tie and suspender wearing man he is and we wouldn't want him any other way. Dre on the other hand, well she's a junkie to put it bluntly and a lot of other things in the beginning to be honest, but she is lovable and under all that badness is a girl who has so much love and life to give so root for her and give her a chance.
"Bowtie... 'Til I Die, sighhhhhhhh I miss reading him already and it's only been what an hour since I finished. Anyway I am away to wallow in what I know will be the beginning of another funk in the aftermath of yet another epic episode in The King Series. While most are quite happy to wait until all parts of Preppy's story is out before reading, I'm over here like a masochist shouting give me that book nowwwww. Such a glutton for punishment I am. Hint Hint TM get a move on woman!

Reviewed by Claire Lamb

Bowtie...'till I DIE. 

Samuel Clearwater, A.K.A Preppy, likes bowties, pancakes, suspenders, good friends, good times, good drugs, and a good f*ck.

He’s worked his way out from beneath a hellish childhood and is living the life he’s always imagined for himself. When he meets a girl, a junkie on the verge of ending it all, he’s torn between his feelings for her and the crippling fear that she could be the one to end the life he loves.

Andrea ‘Dre’ Capulet is strung out and tired.

Tired of living for her next fix. Tired of doing things that make her stomach turn. Tired of looking in the mirror at the reflection of the person she’s become. Just when she decides to end it all, she meets a man who will change the course of both their lives forever.

And their deaths.

For most people, death is the end of their story.
For Preppy and Dre, it was only the beginning…

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Review: Tantalizing Maria (The Temptation Saga #7) by Helen Hardt

*****4.5 Stars*****

Tantalizing Maria is the seventh and final (for now?) book in Helen Hardt's Temptation Saga. While it can easily be read as a standalone, I recommend seeking out the previous books so that you can fully appreciate all of the characters.
Maria and Jefferson found each other and fell in love while they were young. Jeff was the bad boy you should probably stay away from, but couldn't help yourself falling for. When he ends up in prison for a crime he did not commit, Mia finds herself pregnant and alone. Left with few options and none of them desirable, she ends up with his brother so her unborn child can have the name and life she deserves. Jeff is extremely hurt by her betrayal, but he never stops loving her. When he is released from prison they are reunited and the chemistry is still there. Can these two overcome all of the baggage and hurt they are left with to find the true love that has always been there?
This is a second chance love story that features older characters (a very nice change from the age group usually represented in most stories these days) who need to overcome much adversity and angst to find their happy ending. Each chapter alternates between the past and the present letting their love story and the hard choices and betrayals felt by each unfold. I was instantly invested in their story and despite the things going against them I was rooting hard for them to reunite. It becomes quickly early on both Jeff and Mia are meant to be together and how strong their love is. This is definitely the type of story that will have you alternating between smiling and crying. My heart broke at certain points. Hardt has a unique writing style that I have enjoyed across this series, a series I'm sad to see end.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Maria Gomez married her lover’s brother to give the baby she carried the name and future she deserved. Now she is widowed, and her oldest child’s father—the only man she ever loved—has returned. 

In prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Jefferson Bay never forgot the beautiful woman who betrayed him with his own brother. When DNA evidence proved Jeff’s innocence years later and he was released, he vowed to find Maria and seek his revenge. 

The passion between the two has never died, but can they learn to trust each other again?

Monday, 24 October 2016

Review: Kill Me by L.P. Lovell

*****5 Stars*****

Oh wow! I absolutely loved this book! 
It's dark and gritty, with a female lead that's strong and independent but cold and calculating. She's at the top of her game and seemingly untouchable, in every way.

Una meets her match quite unexpectedly and is perplexed and not at all pleased. Nero incites her anger but more worryingly, she feels fear.
Nero has a reputation he's proud of - he's not to be disobeyed. When he finds himself confronted with the elusive Una, he devises a plan and intends to use her.
This book is fast paced and action packed. I loved every second of it. There are so many little threads to this story and it is beautifully pulled together. 
The sub-characters are intriguing and though little information is given, there's definitely enough to have me wondering what their stories could be.

So much is left hanging in the balance that I'm now itching to get my hands on the next book. It's bound to be just as brilliant.

Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer


To many, I am little more than a myth. The Kiss of Death, a hired killer, revered by some of the greatest criminal organisations in the world. Trained by the bratva themselves, without conscience, without mercy, the perfect soldier. I’ll kill anyone… for a price. Death doesn’t discriminate, she sells to the highest bidder, but even I have a weakness.


I want one thing—power. But power is merely a game of strategy. The pieces are on the chess board. Death is my queen, and also my pawn. She’ll paint this city red in exchange for the one thing she wants. Now all I have to do is watch it all play out. She’s nothing more than a weapon, and yet, I find myself wanting to dance with death, to possess her. And I always get what I want.

A game of power. A risk that could cost her everything. An obsession that would see the world burn at their feet. A bloodied king. A broken queen. Kill me or kiss me?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Review: All In (Full Tilt #2) by Emma Scott

*****4.5 Stars*****

All In is the conclusion to the Full Tilt series and you must have read book 1 first to get the full effect of the series and the full backstory for all the characters. Ever since finishing Full Tilt, I've been dying to get my hands on book 2 and get closure for that tragic ending. Full Tilt was one of my favorite reads of 2016 and this one was almost as good. The author once again writes an emotionally heart wrenching tale of two beautiful souls trying to love again after such a tragic loss to them both. This story was more of a slow build romance with mild angst and once I got into the story I could not put it down! This book was so much more than just your average romance. It's a story of friendship, family, healing, and learning to move on and love again. This story was a perfect balance of devastating moments and moments that brought me peace and hope. This book was definitely an emotional roller coaster of a ride and I cried the whole way through.
Kacey Dawson, reeling from her loss, once again turns to alcohol in her time of grief and heartbreak. She must fight her way through her pain and build a new life for herself after Jonah and with her new music career on the rise. Jonah made her promise to love again...a promise that she feels is impossible to keep. Theo Fletcher must keep strong for his family who is falling apart after the death of his brother. His brother was one of the only ones who ever believed in him and he's afraid that if he follows his heart and his dreams that he he'll fail. Kasey and Theo help each other through their pain. They build a strong friendship, help each other heal, and give the other the courage to follow their dreams. They help each other learn to live again, to laugh, to trust, and to ultimately love again.
I absolutely loved Theo and Kasey together! It took me awhile to actually believe in their connection but once I did I couldn't be more happy. I've been curious to know more about Theo ever since I met him and I am so happy this was his and Kasey's book. This was a beautiful emotional conclusion to the Full Tilt series and I definitely think that every character got the closure that they needed; I know I definitely did. Everything came full circle by the end of the book and I could not have been happier with how Kacey and Theo's story ended. I highly recommend this series and I can't wait to add these lovely paperbacks to my bookshelf. I am looking forward to seeing what else Emma Scott has in store for us next.

Reviewed by Ashley Ziegler


Reeling from her loss, Kacey Dawson is grieving and heartbroken, her addictive demons hauling her back into the alcohol-soaked abyss she worked so hard to crawl out of. Kacey teeters on the edge of oblivion, and must fight her way through the pain, to build a new life for herself with her music, and somehow fulfill the promise she made to Jonah…one she feels is impossible to keep.

Theo Fletcher has a secret burning in his heart, one that he holds close, while he struggles to keep strong for his family that is falling apart. His mother’s health is fragile and his father’s disapproval is breaking him down. Theo is afraid if he follows his heart, he’ll fail, and not just himself, but his brother who believed in him when no one else did. 

Drawn together by their pain, Theo and Kacey slowly build a friendship, re-forge old ties, help each other to heal, and give one another the courage to reach for their dreams. Together, from the depths of grief and guilt, they learn to laugh again, to trust again, and quite possibly find something beautiful and lasting amid the shattered pieces of their broken hearts. 

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Review: The Fall by T. Gephart

*****5 Stars*****

5 dark, bone chilling stars!!!!

First of all I have read every single book Tina has released and loved every single one them, The Fall is no exception, yes it is completely different to anything she has ever written we don't get the sweet dream romance what we do get is bone racking,thrilling, dark and twisty and I loved every single minute!!!
I won't be going into details of the plot as you need to read it yourself but what I will say is Michael is a killer he's almost robotic he never gives the kills a second thought, Sofia is the complete opposite, she's a cop and grew up with a crime lord as a father but is determined to bring the organised crime down in her city of Chicago.
I loved Sofia as she's strong and very independent, I love strong female leads in books and Tina has provided one in Sofia. Michael on the other hand was harder to connect with but his redeeming qualities (extremely trustworthy and loyal) made it only a matter of time before I started to like him more.
If you love a good, extremely well written dark romance then one click The Fall you won't be disappointed.
PS Tina will we be getting a book two?? That ending!!!!!

Reviewed by Gemma Curran

Salvation doesn’t exist.
It’s a lie people tell themselves in the dark, alone so their conscience might be eased. To give them hope that, in the end, we can all be forgiven.
Except we can’t.
And no amount of praying will change that.
For me there will be no redemption, and I will leave this world with the same black heart I entered it with.
The comfort in knowing who I am and what I am capable of keeps me warmer than any lie of having my soul saved.
Because I know the truth.
Because I know there is no Heaven.
And there is no Hell.
There is only the fall.

Michael has no one. No family. No Friends. And not a soul in the world cares about him, only a system that tried to break him.
With a strong dislike for establishments and conformity, he has lived his life as a rogue. A hired thug with no allegiances except to his own word.

Sofia has grown up in the shadow of her father—one of the most powerful drug lords in the city. She has vowed to bring him to justice, moving through the ranks of the Chicago PD in an effort to be as far removed from her father’s lifestyle as possible.

Two worlds collide when Michael shows up at her door, a gun in his hand and a look in his eyes that terrifies her. Suddenly, Sofia has a price on her head and Michael is the only one who can keep her out of the crossfire.

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Review: Dare (In Safe Hands #2) by S.M. Shade

****4 Stars****

Dare is the second book in the ISH series. Although this could be read as a standalone, I'd recommend reading book #1 (Landon) first. 

This series is also connected to the Striking Back series, which is also definitely worth reading.

I really enjoyed this book. Dare is a great character and the traits that we love in him, run through the other male characters in this series. They're strong, loyal and protective with definite alpha qualities.
Ayda is a great character too. Having had the course of her life altered, she's content but doesn't really know what she's missing until it comes calling.
There are more than a few twists and turns in this book, that'll be sure to keep you hook, and more than one character you'll love to loath. 

It's well written and the sub-characters are intriguing too. I'm dying to find out just what Justus' story is and I look forward to more in this series.

Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer


I hear him. 
His deep voice and rumbling laugh. The bang of the headboard slamming the wall and fake screams from yet another woman. Derek is a pile of muscle and ink, a bad boy fantasy only a few layers of wood and plaster away. It’s all I expect or want him to be. 
Until that irresistible voice begins talking to me. 


I hear her. 
The clicking of her fingers on a keyboard, her music or TV playing in the background. Her musical laugh and soft cries of pleasure, accompanied by a low, steady buzz. Ayda is a good girl who keeps to herself, and I have no business pursuing her, but I’m not a man known for doing the right thing. 
I’m an ex-con. I’m a criminal. 
And I want her. 

This is book two in the In Safe Hands Series and can be read as a standalone. 

Review: Written in the Scars by Adriana Locke

*****5 Stars*****

I loved this book, Adriana is an author I have followed from her first release and I think this is my favourite book to date. It is a flawlessly written beautiful mix of tragedy and raw emotions both heart-breaking and heart-warming. 

What I loved most about this book was the characters were all relatable, regular folk going about their regular lives, that you soon felt a part of this group of friends. As such I felt every emotion that these characters go through and was rooting for all of them to get a happy outcome not just the main H & h as would be expected. 
Elin and Ty were high school sweethearts that due to circumstances beyond their control have lost their way in their marriage. As they both deal with the fight back to each other they each have a number of issues to contend with but the love of their circle of friends help them along the way. I was honestly so emotional reading this book and felt like I was in the moment every step of the way. I loved both Elin and Ty but Ty had me won over from the beginning, his love for Elin was evident in everything he did. 
This book is about more than the love of a marriage though but the love of friends that are willing to make the utmost sacrifice to ensure the happiness of their friends. You will fall in love with all these characters but for me Cord won my heart, all through reading I wanted to beg for his story, for his HEA. Then the curveball came that had me flipping pages faster than I could manage to see where this story went and I have to say my poor heart was left battered and bruised with the emotions and outcome of this story. Even writing this review has had me in tears again.
Bravo Adriana on another excellent, inspiring, perfect story. Definitely one you must read and tissues are essential.

Reviewed by Vikki Ryan

Falling in love is easy.

Falling out of love is the hardest thing in the world.

And Elin and Ty Whitt are terrible at it.

The first time the local basketball star smiled at Elin, she was a goner. It was just so damn easy to fall for the dark-haired hometown hero with his charming smile and strong, athletic build.

Thousands of sleepy smiles, aimless drives down country roads, and squeaks of the backdoor after a swing shift later, reality hits. And it hits hard. Falling in love was definitely the easy part. Watching it break apart was impossible.

Through the tears, the second-guesses, the memories of a life built together, the world keeps spinning. With each turn comes clarity and hope—sometimes in the form of a pair of muddy boots by the back door or from the words of a wise friend.

When Ty shows back up with a new found determination to put his family back together, Elin's torn between the fights of the past and the possibility of a new start. This is the man that holds her heart, the man she loves beyond anything else. But this is also the one person in the world that can cause her the most pain.

Life’s not always easy. Love’s not for the faint of heart. But with life comes lessons and Ty and Elin have the scars to prove it. But it's their love written in those scars that will hold them together … or break them apart.