Sunday, 23 October 2016

Review: The Fall by T. Gephart

*****5 Stars*****

5 dark, bone chilling stars!!!!

First of all I have read every single book Tina has released and loved every single one them, The Fall is no exception, yes it is completely different to anything she has ever written we don't get the sweet dream romance what we do get is bone racking,thrilling, dark and twisty and I loved every single minute!!!
I won't be going into details of the plot as you need to read it yourself but what I will say is Michael is a killer he's almost robotic he never gives the kills a second thought, Sofia is the complete opposite, she's a cop and grew up with a crime lord as a father but is determined to bring the organised crime down in her city of Chicago.
I loved Sofia as she's strong and very independent, I love strong female leads in books and Tina has provided one in Sofia. Michael on the other hand was harder to connect with but his redeeming qualities (extremely trustworthy and loyal) made it only a matter of time before I started to like him more.
If you love a good, extremely well written dark romance then one click The Fall you won't be disappointed.
PS Tina will we be getting a book two?? That ending!!!!!

Reviewed by Gemma Curran

Salvation doesn’t exist.
It’s a lie people tell themselves in the dark, alone so their conscience might be eased. To give them hope that, in the end, we can all be forgiven.
Except we can’t.
And no amount of praying will change that.
For me there will be no redemption, and I will leave this world with the same black heart I entered it with.
The comfort in knowing who I am and what I am capable of keeps me warmer than any lie of having my soul saved.
Because I know the truth.
Because I know there is no Heaven.
And there is no Hell.
There is only the fall.

Michael has no one. No family. No Friends. And not a soul in the world cares about him, only a system that tried to break him.
With a strong dislike for establishments and conformity, he has lived his life as a rogue. A hired thug with no allegiances except to his own word.

Sofia has grown up in the shadow of her father—one of the most powerful drug lords in the city. She has vowed to bring him to justice, moving through the ranks of the Chicago PD in an effort to be as far removed from her father’s lifestyle as possible.

Two worlds collide when Michael shows up at her door, a gun in his hand and a look in his eyes that terrifies her. Suddenly, Sofia has a price on her head and Michael is the only one who can keep her out of the crossfire.

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