Sunday, 23 October 2016

Review: All In (Full Tilt #2) by Emma Scott

*****4.5 Stars*****

All In is the conclusion to the Full Tilt series and you must have read book 1 first to get the full effect of the series and the full backstory for all the characters. Ever since finishing Full Tilt, I've been dying to get my hands on book 2 and get closure for that tragic ending. Full Tilt was one of my favorite reads of 2016 and this one was almost as good. The author once again writes an emotionally heart wrenching tale of two beautiful souls trying to love again after such a tragic loss to them both. This story was more of a slow build romance with mild angst and once I got into the story I could not put it down! This book was so much more than just your average romance. It's a story of friendship, family, healing, and learning to move on and love again. This story was a perfect balance of devastating moments and moments that brought me peace and hope. This book was definitely an emotional roller coaster of a ride and I cried the whole way through.
Kacey Dawson, reeling from her loss, once again turns to alcohol in her time of grief and heartbreak. She must fight her way through her pain and build a new life for herself after Jonah and with her new music career on the rise. Jonah made her promise to love again...a promise that she feels is impossible to keep. Theo Fletcher must keep strong for his family who is falling apart after the death of his brother. His brother was one of the only ones who ever believed in him and he's afraid that if he follows his heart and his dreams that he he'll fail. Kasey and Theo help each other through their pain. They build a strong friendship, help each other heal, and give the other the courage to follow their dreams. They help each other learn to live again, to laugh, to trust, and to ultimately love again.
I absolutely loved Theo and Kasey together! It took me awhile to actually believe in their connection but once I did I couldn't be more happy. I've been curious to know more about Theo ever since I met him and I am so happy this was his and Kasey's book. This was a beautiful emotional conclusion to the Full Tilt series and I definitely think that every character got the closure that they needed; I know I definitely did. Everything came full circle by the end of the book and I could not have been happier with how Kacey and Theo's story ended. I highly recommend this series and I can't wait to add these lovely paperbacks to my bookshelf. I am looking forward to seeing what else Emma Scott has in store for us next.

Reviewed by Ashley Ziegler


Reeling from her loss, Kacey Dawson is grieving and heartbroken, her addictive demons hauling her back into the alcohol-soaked abyss she worked so hard to crawl out of. Kacey teeters on the edge of oblivion, and must fight her way through the pain, to build a new life for herself with her music, and somehow fulfill the promise she made to Jonah…one she feels is impossible to keep.

Theo Fletcher has a secret burning in his heart, one that he holds close, while he struggles to keep strong for his family that is falling apart. His mother’s health is fragile and his father’s disapproval is breaking him down. Theo is afraid if he follows his heart, he’ll fail, and not just himself, but his brother who believed in him when no one else did. 

Drawn together by their pain, Theo and Kacey slowly build a friendship, re-forge old ties, help each other to heal, and give one another the courage to reach for their dreams. Together, from the depths of grief and guilt, they learn to laugh again, to trust again, and quite possibly find something beautiful and lasting amid the shattered pieces of their broken hearts. 

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