Sunday, 2 October 2016

Review: The One Real Thing (Hart's Boardwalk #1) by Samantha Young

****4 Stars****

Having loved On Dublin Street for so long and I have to say Joss and Braden are still one of my all time favourite couples, I was so excited by this brand new series set in the small seaside town of Hartwell, Delaware.
This is Jessica and Coopers book and whilst I absolutely adored Cooper from the start, I just didn't immediately feel a connection with Jessica.
Jessica's chapters were told in the first person, yet Cooper's were told in the third person, which for me did affect the flow slightly. I'm not sure why the book was written in this way, but eventually I did become used to it.
The book was incredibly slow to grab my attention and for a series that I suspected was going to be so character driven, I worried that the characters for me just weren't memorable enough.
Well that is until I hit the half way mark and my word did the book get going. Characters suddenly came to life, the book for me did a complete 180°. The sex scenes were hot, the chemistry between Jessica and Cooper went from luke warm to 'Oh My God!'.
I am putting such a slow start down to the fact that because this is a brand new series, with characters we've never met before, that we had to get to know them all before things really started to get going.
For me I love that each book will focus on a different couple, however as this is set in a small close knit community, some ongoing issues are going to continue throughout.
By the end I really did love this book and whilst it didn't hit me like On Dublin Street first did, it definitely gave me a good feeling and I cannot wait to see what's in store for the rest of the series.

Reviewed by Louise Dale

Welcome to Hartwell, a quiet seaside escape where uncovering old secrets could lead one woman to discover the meaning of a love that lasts…

While Doctor Jessica Huntington engages with the inmates at the women’s correctional facility where she works, she’s always careful to avoid emotional attachments in her personal life. Loss and betrayal taught her that lesson long ago. But when she comes across a set of old love letters in the prison’s library and visits the picturesque town of Hartwell to deliver them to their intended recipient, she finds herself unable to resist the town’s charm—and her attraction to the sexy owner of a local bar proves equally hard to deny.

Since his divorce from his unfaithful ex-wife, Cooper Lawson has focused on what really matters: his family and the boardwalk pub they’ve owned for generations. But the first time Jessica steps into his bar, Cooper is beyond tempted to risk his heart on her. Yet as their attraction grows hotter and Jessica remains stubbornly closed off, he begins to realize it will take more than just passion to convince her there’s only one real thing in life worth fighting for….

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