Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Review: Bang Gang by Jade West

*****5 Stars*****

Anytime I pick up a Jade West book I know I'm in for some especially dirty fun. The brilliance of West is that in addition to all of the naughty sex there is always an interesting plot and characters we end up caring for. In Bang Gang the characters stealing our heart are Jodi and Darren.
Jodi is a single mother to two sweet and adorable little girls. She has sacrificed her happiness and much of her life to be a good other. She lives in a small town and as such, very few things remain secret. When she begins hearing rumors about her ex and her daughters' father, Darren she isn't sure how to feel. Apparently in addition to his successful mechanic business, he is selling sexual fantasies on the side. The kind of fantasies that involve one woman and a group of five sexy mechanics. For the right price, you can have the gang bang of your dreams. Jodi is mortified when she first hears and then embarrassed and upset. The more she thinks about what her ex is selling though, the more a desire starts taking shape. Maybe she should cut loose for once and spend some of her hard earned money living out a sexy fantasy herself.
Darren is definitely the kind of man fantasies are made of. In addition to his overt sexuality, he is a true family man at heart. The way he is with his daughters will definitely melt your heart. I did wonder though why he would engage in the activities he was taking part in, in such a small town. Surely at least part of him must have known it would get back to his ex and one day his daughters. With the way he cared about them, I can't imagine he would ever do anything to harm them. Though, I'm not sure he and Jodi would have ever gotten back together if not for his side business so perhaps it was the product of a sexy evil genius.
This book is very dirty, and if you have read any previous Jade West book, that should come as no surprise to you. It also really was heartwarming. The latter half of the book got quite emotional and I loved watching Jodi loosen up and find the woman she has been pushing aside for her daughters. I also loved Darren reclaiming his woman and daughters and seeing a family rediscover each other. Bang Gang was another entertaining, naughty and ultimately fulfilling read from Jade West that I enjoyed tremendously.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

It’s one thing knowing your ex-boyfriend is a bit of a player, but it’s another thing altogether to find out he’s pimping himself out to anyone who’ll pay good money for it.

Not just himself, either. That would be far too regular for Darren Trent. 

Darren Trent – my teenage sweetheart and father to my two young girls – is not just whoring himself out. Oh no. Darren Trent pimps himself out alongside four of his mechanic friends – all of them at the same time. 

Five hot, sweaty mechanics at your service.

They call themselves the Bang Gang… you can imagine. 

In a village our size I should keep my head down and hope the scandal blows over before the girls or my poor old Nanna catch wind of it. 

Only it’s not blowing over. Far from it. It seems every woman in the village wants themselves a five-mechanic sandwich.

They make no qualms about it, either. Just rock on up to my café counter and ask how they can book themselves in for a Bang Gang special. Like I would know. 

I definitely wouldn’t know. I hardly even know Darren Trent anymore. We split up a lifetime ago.

I definitely don’t think about him late at night. Don’t think about five mechanics and me as much as every other woman in this village. 

And even if I did, I wouldn’t act on it. I wouldn’t draw the money from my savings account and have a go for myself.

And even if I did that, I definitely, definitely wouldn’t fall for him. Not again. Not after everything we went through. Not after splitting up the first time nearly brought me to my knees.

Not after settling into a decent routine, the girls and me, with no drama, no heartbreak, no crazy passions to rock the calm little boat we’re sailing on. 

I mean, who would be stupid enough to risk all that over a hot, sweaty, oily bit of rough like Darren Trent?

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