Thursday, 13 October 2016

Review: Wake to Dream by Lily White

*****5 Stars*****

Words fail to describe the excitement I felt when I found out Lily White was back in the writing game and publishing a new book after a year. She has been missed and with Wake to Dream, she confirms the fact that she continues to be one of the queens of the dark genre.
Wake to Dream is the stuff fans of dark psychological suspense dream of. Alice has suffered from sleep disorders her whole life. Over time, she has become as used to, as possible, to the fear and terror they brought along with them. When her sister, Delilah, disappears, her dreams take on a new sinister quality. She starts to believe they may hold the secret to what happened to her sister. Now she finds herself needing to delve deep into her nightmares, where before she tried to forget them. As the line between reality and dreams blur, her own well being becomes as precarious as her sisters'.
Wake to Dream kept me captivated from page one. This is one of those stories that won't only mess with your mind, but will have you questioning everything you believed you knew and took for granted. There are a lot of twists and turns and the suspense is ramped way up. We are as confused and in the dark as Alice is for most of the story, which is why I tried to keep the plot as vague as possible. Trust me, you want to experience everything as it unfolds! I will note that this is not really a love story, so if you go into this book expecting that, you will be disappointed. However, if you pick this up because you love to question as you read, you love the dark and you want to experience psychological terror along with the characters you're reading about, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Alice Beaumont is running out of time…

Plagued by sleep disorders since her childhood, Alice had grown accustomed to the nightly dreams that terrorized her. She woke up in strange places. She was paralyzed by fear and hallucinations. She screamed each night at unseen specters and evil faces.

When her sister, Delilah, goes missing, Alice’s dreams take on new meaning. A link between reality and fantasy, Alice understands that her dreams hold the key to the mystery of her sister’s abduction.

A hooded woman…
A mysterious and dangerous man…
And a doctor who is determined to help her fit together the broken pieces…

Alice has no choice but to peer deep into the recesses of her mind to discover the clues that will lead her to truth. On a race to save her sister, Alice runs a dangerous maze between the nightmares that haunt her and the monster that waits for her when she finally wakes.

*This title deals with disturbing themes that may be a trigger for sensitive readers.*

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