Monday, 10 October 2016

Review: The Last Thing He Needs (The Last Thing He Needs #1) by J.H. Knight

*****5 Stars*****

I'm still in the early stages of delving into the M/M genre, I'm so glad this was one of the first of this genre I read. It's such a good book to introduce you, it's not overly smutty but still hot, it's more about the characters and their relationship.
Our main character in this book is Tommy O'Shea, he's the eldest of eight siblings, his father and step-mother are total dead beats, addicts who are hardly ever around leaving it to Tommy to hold down the fort. He's very mature for his age being forced into the position of father to his younger siblings. He's also fiercely independent, he and his family don't have much but they don't like handouts. This books is written solely in Tommy's point of view so we get a good connection with his character.
The second main character is Bobby MacAllister, he was a couple of years above Tommy at school and is now a cop. Often called to the O'Shea house when Tommy's wayward parents are causing havoc, he's no stranger to Tommy's troubles. Even though this book isn't a dual POV we still get to know Bobby really well. In fact sometimes I think as the reader you understand him and his motives better than Tommy himself does.
I loved Tommy, even though he's so stubborn. But for me, Bobby stole the show. He was such a perfect balance to Tommy. He's so selfless and understanding, and patient!! God is he patient! I absolutely fell in love with the O'Shea family, those kids were brilliant, it's one of those families that I wish I knew! They don't have much but their hearts are huge.
I'm hoping this author has plans for more with this series, I would love Colleen to get her own book. Just like Tommy she was forced to grow up too quickly, mothering her younger siblings. I'd love to see her getting some independence and spreading her wings.

Reviewed by Steph Lewis

Tommy O’Shea is raising his seven younger brothers and sisters without any help from his drug abusing father and stepmother. Since he was fifteen years old, he's managed to keep the children fed and out of foster care. It takes up every ounce of his energy and the last thing he needs is romance complicating his life further. 

Rookie cop Bobby McAlister doesn't belong in Tommy’s harsh world, but Tommy can’t push him out. As their unlikely friendship turns into a tentative relationship, they weather the daily storm of Tommy’s life with a lot of laughs and more than a few arguments. 

Tommy isn't used to trusting outsiders, and he's never asked for help in his life. But when a tragedy strikes the O'Shea family and threatens everything he's fought for, he'll have to learn to do both to recover from the brutal hit.

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