Thursday, 19 May 2016

Review: It Took A Rumor by Carter Ashby

***3 Stars***

I found this novel was quite different from what I usually read, in the respect that it's not an out and out romance or a thriller, it's more like a game of Chinese whispers with more to uncover than anyone could realise. It has a bit of everything, it's got secrets, lies, mystery, humour, heartbreak and of course, a little bit of forbidden romance....
Ivy Turner is the current victim of her small town's gossip mill. The question on everyone's mind is which of the Deathridge brothers is she sleeping with. Ivy quickly gets fed up of the gossip, even if it is true, and starts to dig into this thing herself. She wants to know who started the rumor and why. Upon starting her own investigations she stumbles across all of the Deathridge boy's secrets, some more innocent than others of course, all the while trying to keep her own secret.
Being written in the third person works for this book as there is so much back and forth between all of the characters, it would be harder to keep track if it was written any other way. On the other hand though, half the town is in this book so that for me caused some complications with knowing who was talking about what.
I struggled to write this review because of how much was going on in this book, my thoughts feel a bit scattered after reading it. However I will say I'd be open to reading more from this author.
Reviewed by Paige Rymer

Thanks to a flamboyant, small-town gossip blogger, Ivy Turner’s lily-white reputation has just been unceremoniously muddied. Rumor has it Ivy has succumbed to temptation and slept with one of the Deathridge brothers. Sources can’t confirm which of the four, sexy cowboys she’s taken up with, but everyone in town is weighing in.

Ivy would gladly step forward and defend her good name, except that the rumor happens to be true. Perplexed that her little indiscretion has somehow made it into the public eye, Ivy sets out to find the rumor’s source. In the process, she becomes the unwitting keeper of all the Deathridge brothers’ rather formidable secrets.

Now, not only does she have to keep taking hits to her reputation to protect the brothers, but all these secrets and lies are keeping her from exploring her burgeoning feelings for one of them. But if Jake, Cody, Dallas, and Boone think that Ivy’s patience is limitless, they’re in for a shock. Because when Ivy breaks, she’s taking everyone down with her.

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