Saturday, 28 May 2016

Review: Bad King by M. Malone

****4 Stars****

Bad King was a quick, sexy read. It's the first in a series of books written by various authors that all involve a high class strip club called Club Prestige. This particular book features Olivia, a partial owner of the club and King, an arrogant, rich businessman.
I instantly fell in love with Olivia. She is sassy, opinionated, and has no trouble playing with the big boys and holding her own. She has tunnel vision when it comes to her love life. She is sure her best friend Bennett is her soulmate - she just has to convince him. As far as King is concerned. She thinks he's a jerk and wants as little to do with him as possible.
I agreed with Olivia's initial assessment of King. He is not a terribly likable character at first. He's all about his work and cares little for the people around him. He has a really low opinion of women, assuming they're all out for his money. When his parents force him settle down, he decides to find the most inappropriate wife he can and once Olivia catches his eye at Club Prestige the hunt is in motion.
I enjoyed watching King and Olivia with each other. Olivia gave as good as she got and the banter between the two was very funny. They also hot great chemistry and their scenes were hot! Thanks to Olivia, King slowly grew on me and redeemed himself by the end of the story. King also helped Olivia realize that sometimes, plans can and should change as he helped her look past her dreams of making a life with Bennett.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Thane Carter Kingsley IV lives for business. So when his parents threaten to turn over control of the Kingsley empire to his younger brother if he doesn't settle down, he knows just what to do. They don't care that the socialites they’ve picked are gold diggers, they just want him married. So King decides to find the fiancée of his parents' nightmares.

And where better to find a wife than a place like Club Prestige... 

Olivia Reyes has finally built a better life. She’s a proud business owner and almost out of debt. Her childhood sweetheart, Bennett Alexander, is the perfect man for her but she hasn't convinced him… yet. But she will.

After she takes one last job.

Here’s your key to an exclusive world.
A place where anything goes and your darkest desires await.
Only the world’s elite are invited.
Pain. Pleasure. Prestige.

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