Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Review: Hetch (Men OF S.W.A.T #1) by River Savage

*****5 Stars*****
This is a fantastic introduction to the new Men of S.W.A.T. series which promises to be full of hot alpha males and their issues.
Liberty is a great character, full of sass and not afraid to stand her ground when it comes to men. She stands up for those around her especially the boys from the home where she works. She is far from looking for a relationship until Hetch puts himself firmly in her life. I loved her stance with Hetch and that she made him work for her throughout the book until she is forced to face up to her true feelings for him in the most difficult of circumstances.
Hetch is not what I expected from the beautiful cover of this book and from the first glimpse we have of him. He is certainly in full alpha mode when he encounters Liberty until his vulnerability wins through and my heart ached for him but I still wanted to shake him for making Liberty suffer. I loved seeing him work through his issues even at his lowest point and I was rooting for him all the way.
I loved everything about the relationship between these two from their first quite comical encounter through all their issues to the lovely epilogue. I didn’t want to put this book down as initially it seemed to be going one way then it suddenly turned on its head and went a different route.
I am already looking forward to more from this series.
Reviewed by Vikki Ryan
verb \ˈsāv\

1 a: Keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger.

Synonyms: rescue, come to someone's rescue, save someone's life, set free, liberate, deliver, extricate.

Saving lives is the end goal.
It's a responsibility I live with every day, the reason I wear the badge.
Built on a brotherhood that runs deeper than blood, this way of life has become my very existence...

Until Liberty.

I thought I was saving her.

I never expected her to be the one saving me.

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