Sunday, 22 May 2016

Review: Sexiest Man Alive (Knight Fashion #1) by M. Clarke

*****4.5 Stars*****
Did I like the way this book ended? No I did not!
Do I want to read book 2? Damn right I do!
I'm going to start with the title. It's not often that a book title is deemed necessary to mention in my reviews, however, I have to say my perception of this book before reading was based solely on the fact that it is called Sexiest Man Alive. To me that made me assume the guy was a total player, but Nate couldn't have been any further from a player if he tried. The guy was a complete gentleman. He's a guy the parents would approve of. So the title threw me a bit.
There were times, early on that I felt it dragged in places. I didn't like Olivia, I felt she was completely heartless and was convinced that she could not be redeemed as a character. Some of the secondary characters didn't stand out too much, but honestly that didn't bother me as I was able to focus more on the main characters. I felt there was too much build up to Nate and Olivia's paths crossing again, but as soon as they did, this book completely and utterly changed for me, to the point I didnt want to put it down.
We have the whole jealousy angle which made me feel completely for Olivia and wanting to slap Nate and tell him to wake the hell up! I love it when a character feels heartbreak, like they're never going to win their one true love. Get that right and its pretty much a dead cert I'm going to love it.
For me this was simply one of those books that completely changed pace and went from an OK book to one that maybe wasn't perfect, but had me connecting with the characters in a way that I never thought was possible and that is simply all I want from a book.
I do feel the author has the potential to grow further and I have to be honest and say I was toying with giving this a solid 4 stars, because the room for growth is quite a lot, but regardless of that, a book that has me hooked like this one deserves nothing less than what I have given.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
Nathan Cross is a struggling actor waiting tables at a local restaurant to make ends meet while he attends endless auditions. Though his hopeful career moves at a slow pace, Olivia is the strength and sunshine in his life… until she leaves him. One day, he is offered a contract with a modeling agent, leading him to work for Knight Fashion Magazine—a dream job he never imagined would become a reality.
Olivia swore she would always put her career first and that’s precisely what she did when she left Nathan. Having a deadbeat dad and watching her mom work two jobs to make ends meet have been her driving force. When she is offered a modeling career, she drops everything—even the love of her life—and moves to New York.
Though Nathan and Olivia try to steer clear of one another, working for the same fashion magazine causes their paths to cross again and old emotions are awakened. Can Nathan forgive Olivia or will he take the next step with the woman he is currently dating? Will Olivia do everything she can to break them apart? Or will she choose her career over her heart… again?

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