Saturday, 14 May 2016

Review: Mechanic (Breeding #2) by Alexa Riley

****4 Stars****
First off, I have to say that although this book is listed as book two in a series I haven't read book one and it didn't affect my enjoyment of this book. I also couldn't tell there was a previous book to this so I'm assuming they must all be stand-alones.
This is a fast paced story, it's about Paine, a filthy-mouthed, dirty, possessive mechanic, and Penelope, a demure, beautiful girl from a well-off family. As soon as Paine lays eyes on Penelope he makes it his mission to get her under him and he's just alpha enough enough to blast through any obstacles in his way!
This is a short story and does contain a heavy dose of insta-love but it's a short, hot and entertaining read. In fact, hot isn't even the word for it, it's absolute filth! You'll love it! A great quick read for inbetween longer books and a great way to jump start your reading if you've hit a slump.
Reviewed by Steph Lewis
Everything was fine until that innocent little rich girl walked into my garage. Since the second I laid my eyes on her, all I've wanted to do is get my dirty hands on her pure body.

There's one minor obstacle standing in my way, but I've got a plan. All I've got to do is claim her, and she’ll be mine forever.

Warning: This book is over-the-top, insta-love. There's nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever. If you want it hot and dirty, this is it!

*whispers* There's a sweet smutty surprise at the end!

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