Sunday, 15 May 2016

Review: All the Waters of the Earth (Giving You... #3) by Leslie McAdam

*****5 Stars*****

Leslie McAdam has once again done it again. I think this is my favorite book of hers yet. After reading her other books, I just knew that this one would be filled with scrumptious hotties, sassy heroines, and swoonworthy sex scenes. I was captivated till the very end.
Jake and Lucy have burrowed themselves into my heart and it was impossible to not fall in love with them. Lucy Figuero is a sassy, beautiful, hardworking woman who is a single mother and doing a great job at it! She is wary of trusting another man after the way her ex treated her. That is until she meets her sexy, intense, workaholic of a neighbor, Jake. Lucy is very carefree, yet responsible in everything she does and she plans to show her sexy, gorgeous neighbor just how much more there is to life than just work
Jake Slausen is a lawyer who works very hard for every dollar he has made in life. He had a hard childhood and has a workaholic ever since so he never has to live that way again. When Lucy saunters into his life, he is captivated by the curvy beauty who lives her life to the fullest. He is soon wanting more than long hours in the office and on his cellphone. He is wanting more out of life than just the job.
Leslie McAdam has a way of delivering the reader sassy hot characters and unique storylines that will teach you some lessons about what is most important in life. I love all her characters and the stories that come with them and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.
Reviewed by Ashley Ziegler

Romance novelist Lucy Figueroa lives a life of the imagination. While her stories are filled with fictional alpha male heroes, her real life is filled with nothing but Mr. Wrongs. As a sassy, strong, single mom, she doesn't need anyone... except maybe a new book idea. And to forgive herself for the mistakes of the past.

Lucy's sexy new neighbor, Jake Slausen, looks like one of her characters come to life. While he fits the heartthrob part, he doesn't act it, too distracted by his cell phone and his job for any relationship. Damaged by his childhood, he's ignored his true calling and goes through his days on autopilot...until he meets Lucy.

First drawn together by chemistry, then by a fierce need to protect each other even from themselves, will Jake and Lucy learn to accept their pasts or will they convince themselves that happily ever afters only exist in romance novels?

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