Thursday, 19 May 2016

Review: Bayward Street by Addison Jane

****4 Stars****

Bayward Street is YA (Young Adult) which i really enjoy.
The story is set around Keira/Fable.
Fable was treated horrifically by her parents, when the time to strike arrives her plan backfires so now she lives on the streets with her "family" who have taken her in, it isn't ideal at all but they make it work and survive the harsh critical stares and abuse from strangers.
One night we meet Heath who has a stable and wealthy family life, there's something he sees in Fable and he can't walk away they have an instant attraction, chemistry and sweet relationship.
What drew me in to the story is the instant connection to all the characters not just the main characters, the natural flow of the writing and storyline, I'm also hoping the secondary characters get their own story told, as i feel they also have a story to be told.
Reviewed by Gemma Curran

The law said I was a runaway.
I preferred the term survivor.
After being broken down and emotionally tortured for fifteen years, I made a choice to change the path that my life was on.
It left me alone, homeless and scared, but alive.
The streets were where I found my family. A group of kids like me who society had failed to protect.
We weren't teenagers anymore – we were a statistic, a nuisance, the scum on the bottom of the city’s shoe.

When he showed up that night, I never expected to feel the things I did.
He was honest and protective and he saw straight through the hardened exterior that I had created.
He made me want to fight for something better.
I could run, go back to the street and continue risking my life just to live.
But now, being offered something more, I wasn't sure if I could go back without at least a taste of what it was like.
We came from two completely different worlds, but they were about to collide. And I was about to learn that maybe the grass really wasn't that much greener on the other side.

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