Sunday, 15 May 2016

Review: Stay With Me by Kelly Elliott

****3.5 Stars****

Thano is a greek adonis and of course he has a hugely Greek family who believe that he should have a Greek wife, he suffered a tragic moment in his life which ripped him apart and vowing never to enter another relationship in his life again. A few years later with his family still breathing down his throat he meets Kilyn and the chemistry is undeniable. One problem though Kilyn has had her own fair share of tragic moments in life and she's Irish. After coincidently bumping into each other not once but 3 times the insta love flows but can they commit and can they get round the obstacle of Thano's Greek family ?
The characters in the story are easy to love although I felt myself enjoying some of the side characters more.
I wanted to love this story but ended up just liking it. Even though it had some witty moments which I enjoyed, I felt myself needing more angst and found some of the story a bit to plain sailing and uneventful. However that may just be me and what my preferences are in story. Overall though the wittiness saved it for me and it was quite enjoyable.So if you love a sweet love story then this is definitely the book for you.
Reviewed by Claire Lamb

Life moves on.

Only people who have never lost anyone they loved with all their heart can blindly believe those words.

What if I didn’t want to move on? What if I wanted to wake up every morning with that familiar ache in my chest, knowing I’d never see her again?

But, life can change in a moment.

I knew that better than anyone … So, when I couldn’t get those mesmerizing green eyes out of my head, I decided to do something about it.

Would one night with her be enough, or would my heart decide it was finally time to move on from the past?

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