Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review: Touch The Full Series by Cara Dee

*****5 STARS*****

I first discovered Cara Dee several years ago through her Touch series so was extremely excited when I found out she would be rereleasing it in a new box set with added content.

The Touch series focuses on nine people who are all involved with the Touch BDSM club. We get a taste of a number of various fetishes and relationship types including DD/lg and ménage. What works so well with this series is that you don't only get to witness sexy bdsm scenes and interesting characters. The plots and storylines are filled with emotion and you will find yourself rooting for all of the people involved. My favorite relationships in the series are probably between Nicholas and Kayla (the DD/lg couple) and Mark, Brayden and Evangeline (the latter two are a couple who are both extremely submissive and Mark makes the perfect Dom for the pair once everyone works through their emotional hangups). We also have Rio and Chelsea who have a second chance relationship storyline Dylan, Cade and Gabriella (with some more Daddy Dom and complicated emotions through in for good measure). You'll probably be hard pressed to find a favorite as you read. What is especially exciting for anyone already familiar with the series is all the extra added content! We get a brand new novella and everyone has shiny new added epilogues! This is a fabulous BDSM series new fans will love and previous fans will be excited to rediscover.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil 

A touch can take many forms. It can be hard, soft, cold, hot, pleasurable, sadistic…much like kink. In Touch, several kinks take their turn in the spotlight, exhibited by men and women trying to find their way in life.

Meet Nicholas Ford, club owner and Dominant, and explore the world of Daddy Doms and Littles when he meets Kayla, a little submissive he’s inexplicably drawn to but isn’t allowed to touch. Mark Cooper works the bar in his friend’s fetish club, and one night he gets the challenge he’s been waiting for served up on a mouthwatering platter. He’s to introduce newbies Brayden and Evangeline to BDSM, quickly discovering they’re both submissive—quickly getting himself attached, too. Only a couple issues: he’s a tad emotionally jaded from his recent divorce, and Brayden struggles with his sexuality.

Rio Kelly all but abandoned the lifestyle when a brief encounter with a runaway girl changed everything. Ten years later, he sees Chelsea again, and the high-protocol sub is looking for a strict Owner. While navigating unchartered waters with a Master who’s grown cynical and resigned, Chelsea befriends Dylan, a young guy going through his own relationship problems. Dylan’s Daddy Dom isn’t like most others. Cade Kingsley is rough around the edges but wears his heart on his sleeve. Together with Dylan and Gabriella, they try to patch something together that’s just for them. By any means necessary, a few kinky hearts need to be mended.

Touch originally consisted of six novellas and novels. Look but Don’t Touch, Twice the Touch, A Touch to Surrender, A Touch of Trouble, Comforting Touch, and Touching Ink have now been reworked and prettied up for the relaunch, but not without some brand spankin’ new material. Along with the original stories, a dozen outtakes, future takes, and epilogue have been added, including demos, a new novella, and more kinky fun. All to make the complete Touch your not-so-little black book of kink.

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