Thursday, 13 July 2017

Review: Chasing Vivi by A.M. Hargrove

*****5 STARS*****

I am a huge fan of A.M. Hargrove and Chasing Vivi has to be my favorite solo and standalone by her to date. I was immediately on that gorgeous and uber delicious cover and the intriguing blurb. I was completely captivated from the first word to the very last and was left wanting more. I never wanted this book to end!

Prescott Whitworth Beckham's life changed the moment he walked into that coffee shop and set eyes on Vivienne Renard for the first time in years. She was the smart girl who did his homework in exchange for cash at Crestview. They weren't really friends back then and he didn't really notice her, but Vivi isn't that shy awkward overweight girl anymore. In front of Prescott stands a gorgeous, self confident woman and he'll do anything to have her and ultimately own her. Vivi rejects his every move and refuses to get involved with the sexy, popular guy she had a crush on all those years ago. What starts as a mission to get her in his bed and own every inch of her turns into wanting to own Vivi's heart and earn her trust at all costs. But how can he do that when he is still stuck in his past and harboring secrets that may ultimately shatter the fragile bond they've grown to have?!

Vivi is a strong and confident heroine; a fighter who doesn't let anything drag her down. Her life hasn't been the easiest but instead of giving up and curling into a ball of depression, she kept on going. I admired her strength and courage with all my heart. She was a wonderful heroine - kind, hard working, strong, and caring. She was different from any of the other girls Prescott had been with; she wasn't after his money and instead was with him for the man that he was.

There is so much more than meets the eye with Prescott. He was a really complex hero. After tragic events in his past, he was decided to guard his heart at all costs and resorted to a life of bachelorhood until he reconnects with Vivi. On the outside, he is an arrogant, successful alpha male. But on the inside, he is vulnerable and deeply scarred from the events of his past. I absolutely adored him and enjoying seeing both his alpha male and sweet and vulnerable sides.

These two had off the charts chemistry between the two from the very start, even when Vivi was running from it. I was cheering hard for these two to get their acts together and get together and when they finally do, your kindle will combust in flames.

A.M. Hargrove has once again proven her brilliant talent of writing emotionally, angsty, sexy stories with enchanting characters. I loved this book and can't recommend it enough.

Reviewed by Ashley Ziegler

Vivi Renard—a blast from the past—wasn’t supposed to affect me like this. 

When I knew her ten years ago she was nothing more to me than a highly functioning brain.
Hell, I paid her to do my homework.

Only now … she’s drop dead gorgeous but had the nerve to turn me down for a date … several times. 
No one turns me—Prescott Beckham—down for anything. 
I’m on a mission and won’t stop until I’m firmly planted between her thighs, hearing her moan my name. 

Her plump red lips have me dreaming filthy things and acting like a kid with his first crush. 
If I can’t have her, I don’t want anyone else to either. 
What’s worse is I want to own every single bit of her. 

Except there’s a slight problem. 
Vivi can’t stand me. 
Even the old let’s be friends again thing failed. 
She tossed it back saying we were never friends to begin with.

But I’m the king at playing ruthless games. 
So she’d better be ready to drop her thong, because Vivi is going to end up in my bed sooner … or later. 
And I’m pretty damn sure it’s going to be sooner.

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