Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review: His Turn (Turning #3) By JA Huss

****4.5 STARS****

New participants in a new game, there are no rules but if you walk away there's no turning back! We have saw Smith and Quinn leave the game after falling in love with the subjects of their game and now it's Bric's turn. However this is no ordinary love story and for the most part there is no love! Bric wasn't even in the game to start with and this is where he is introduced to the new game by Jordan a lawyer friend and the new subject in the game is Nadia a stunning Ballerina.

As we know from book 2 Bric has that element of being unstable about him especially when it comes to dominance and he won't submit to anyone. It's a crazy game of cat and mouse as we read to find out who wins the game or falls stupidly in love! I loved the suspense element that the author put into this book and it reveals nothing until the very end which will keep you turning those pages and reading as fast as you can. Bric has always had that hard edge because he hides behind his secrets but Nadia also has huge secrets so it's a battle of wits between the 2 to see who surrenders first because these two aren't in it for love, they are both in it to not just break but to shatter one another beyond repair which makes it a dangerous game. As usual the book is also filled with hot scenes including MFM but it doesn't overshadow the actual story and has that equal balance leaving a reader appeased.

Overall this has become my favourite book of the series and I loved getting to see a side of Bric we haven't saw until now and I can't wait to see what J.A. Huss writes for us next.

Reviewed by Claire Lamb 

I look her body up and down as I circle her.
I smile a devious, deviant, I’m gonna make you sorry you ever started playing this game with me smile.
And then I take her hand.
I lead her to the elevator.
We go up to my apartment.
I tie her wrists together with rope.
Raise her arms above her head.
And chain her to the ceiling.
It’s my turn.

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