Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Review: Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

*****4.5 Stars*****

I loved this book, it's the first book from Emma Hart I've read and she has made a fan of me with this one.

Mia O'Halloran is a sassy, sexy, twenty four year old with a terrible dating history. She's a marketing guru that is basically being given a chance to prove herself and make a name for herself and further her career, there's one thing that could screw all that up though, West Rykman.

West Rykman is a business owner, but not just any business owner, he's the man that Mia had a crazy night with in Vegas on her best friends bachelorette party and what happens in Vegas definitely doesn't always stay in Vegas. West has his heart closed off and is all about his work, hence his want for a marketing guru to spruce up his business.

West and Mia's attraction is crazy hot. He is every bit the alpha male, strong, sexy, commanding and over all a lot deeper than we're first lead to believe. Mia is sassy as hell and gives West a run for his money. Her internal dialogue is great, she's hilarious inside and out of her head, full of sass and sarcasm. I love that Mia is a strong female character, she's a challenge for West and I love to see the chemistry and spark from these to very strong characters, it makes for a very interesting read. I'm hooked on this couple and I want more a lot more from these two.

This book uses a mix of British and American expletives and is heavy on the metaphors but I think that's what makes the book as engaging as it is and laugh out loud funny.  

Reviewed by Paige Rymer

When unlucky in love Mia O’Halloran finds herself face to Sex God V-Lines with a chiseled, hot male stripper in possession of a package not even the postal service could lose, what happens in Vegas is definitely supposed to stay in Vegas.
She doesn’t expect to find Mr. Multiple Oh-Oh-Oh as her client—and hell, how is she supposed to pitch a marketing plan when she can remember how easily he briefed her g-spot on an orgasm… or five?
West Rykman has one rule: you don’t mix business with pleasure. They can look, but unless they’re shoving a dollar inside his pants, they can’t touch. He learned that lesson the hard way two years ago.
He had no idea the flame-haired vixen with a penchant for hot, kinky sex and a mouth that would make a hooker cry would be the one to bend—and break—his rule.
She’s sworn off men after ten too many heartbreaks.
He’s determined he’ll never lose it all for a woman again.
She’s pretty screwed.
He’s really screwed.
And not in the we’re-not-sleeping-tonight way…

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