Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Review: Never Give You Up (McCoy's Boys #2) by Shady Grace

****4 Stars****

Never Give You Up is the second book in the McCoy's Boys series. I read the first book, Beautiful Criminal and thoroughly enjoyed it.
We met Mary briefly in book #1 so I knew a bit of her back story. It is explained in this book but I recommend reading book #1 first.
Terry is a great character. Torn between what he wants from life and what is expected of him from his father, he can't seem to find his place.
When his father orders him to take a break, he finds himself face to face with Mary.
Mary is only just rediscovering herself after the dramatic events that took place on her mountain. Despite being attracted to Terry, she's wary and not eager to put herself or her feelings on the line.
There's plenty of drama backstabbing to keep you hooked. The sub-characters are great too and I hope to get Sam's story next.
All in all, an enjoyable read.
Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer

A life of crime—or a lifetime of love?Mary Billing knows her solitary mountain life is over when a handsome stranger blows on to her land in an unmarked chopper. Terry McCoy is not only dangerous to the pretty widow’s shattered senses, he’s a hardened criminal no woman in her right mind would fall for. Yet there’s something tender about Terry—something that makes her surrender to his searing touch. Now Mary is in deep—deep enough to be taken hostage by a villain whose true target is Terry…

The son of a notorious crime boss, Terry is about to take over his murdered father’s multi-million dollar empire. But first there’s the little matter of avenging his father’s death—and rescuing the one woman he knows could turn his hard-bitten life around. Terry never wanted a life of crime, but suddenly he’s ready to do just about anything to bring Mary back…

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