Monday, 6 June 2016

Review: Amber Fire by Lisa Renee Jones

****4 Stars****

This a short shifter tale, it would have been better had it been longer but for a short story it was very good. It was well written and engaging and I only say it could have been longer because the story had enough substance to it that it could make a full length book and still be a fab and engaging read.
Amber is in Nevada determined to continue her father's work of discovering the Yaguara, a race of Jaguar shifters. There she meets Jareth, a reclusive writer who she has an insane, intense connection with. Jareth is a sexy, over-protective and intense shifter, he's an easy character to fall for. Amber isn't particularly ballsy but she's no shrinking violet either, she doesn't like being told what to do and can be very stubborn, much to Jareth's dismay.
If you like a sexy shifter tale then pick up this short, easy but entertaining read.

Reviewed by Steph Lewis

Broad and all-powerful, a man who knows how to thrive in the wild--and bring to the edge of ecstasy the woman he claims as his own . . .

Determined to defend her late father's work, Amber Green heads into the heat of the Nevada canyons to prove the existence of the Yaguara, a shape-shifting race of jaguars. There she meets the one man more hell-bent on protecting the jaguars than she is: Jareth, a force of raw male nature to be reckoned with--an animal worth pursuing . . .

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