Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Review: Stained Glass Shards by Rosemary Rey

****4 Stars****

I'm actually pretty annoyed right now. If i didn't love my Kindle so much, I'd throw it on the floor and stamp all over it. This to me was not a love story in the conventional sense.
This is a book that I can only describe as a love triangle scenario. Basically we have one guy, Griffin who had held Elyce's heart for so long only to throw it away and then there's Ritter, her hot, doting, attentive lover. Now what has incensed me so much about this book is that it made me side with one guy over the other. We get in his head, understand his motives, see that he is in fact a great big jerk, but somewhere along the line you feel sorry for. Where as the other guy we know very little about and that prevented me from actually caring whether he got the girl or not. I'm not going to tell you who wins in the end, that's not what this is about, but I can tell you I'm not happy about the outcome, because neither deserved her in my eyes.
Elyce for much of this book was incredibly frustrating and never really developed as a character because she was so weak for much of it. Yes she'd had an image overhaul, but deep down she still harboured those same insecurities that made her engage in such an unhealthy relationship with Griffin.
Why the 4 stars, you may ask? Well deep down I know this book was well written and to evoke such strong emotions from me, even if it is anger has to be commended, so my utter fury at the outcome is mine alone. Also I couldn't put this book down. It was cleverly written, but I still feel strongly about the preferential treatment one guy got over the other and the fact that it could have more than likely been resolved had both guys been given a fair shot at telling their side.
Anyway, there you have it, a book that I liked, but didn't and definitely one the readers should make their own mind up about.
So go read it, if you dare *winks*

Reviewed by Louise Dale

Elyce Fielding has cut ties with her college friend turned lover, Griffin Belanger. After three months without communication, Griffin is back in Boston for the premiere of his latest film. Elyce shuts herself in her studio apartment, preventing any sightings of the famous man she is deeply in love with. Following an unsatisfactory meal without dessert, Elyce goes to bed thinking she survived the night without a visit from Griffin. When he knocks on her door for a rendezvous, Elyce could not turn him away.

After one last tryst, Elyce decides she can no longer continue their sexual relationship. For months, Elyce works on her personal growth by losing weight, changing her style, and publishing her first novel set to become a feature film. While traveling in California with her new lover and agent, Ritter Thorman, Elyce has a chance encounter with Griffin. Griffin vows to win her back by any means possible. Elyce must choose between her first love or her attentive lover.