Friday, 17 June 2016

Review: Dishonor Thy Wife by Belinda Austin

****4 Stars****

This book is bizarre in its style of writing which took me a while to find my stride with but once I did I was turning the pages to try and make sense of what the hell was going. And what the hell happened in Philadelphia for a good part of the book.
Brad and Ronni have an odd marriage to say the least, their marriage is loveless, borne out of a one night stand that produced their daughter and consequently a marriage of convenience that seems to have become very inconvenient. Yet following his return from a trip to a medical conference in Philly Brad is different and Ronni isn’t sure how or why or what kind of game he is playing.
Brad it is a total Jekyll and Hyde character and at times I hated him and felt sorry for his family in putting up with him. Then the twist came which I did not see coming in a long shot and so the second half of this book is spent learning what happened in Philadelphia and the fallout as a consequence. I honestly can’t say anymore without giving away the whole story other than this book went in a direction I was totally not expecting.
I have to say I had a real issue with the liberal and flippant use of the word rape throughout the book, though I understand the meaning behind it to the character, it was just not something I personally wasn't comfortable with.
This book is a total play with your head kind of read, my first from this author who I look forward to reading more from.
Reviewed by Vikki Ryan

A Dangerous Game. A Psychological Thriller. A Suspenseful Romance. A New Release!

After six years of a sexless forced marriage, Ronni finds she enjoys her husband spying through the keyhole of her bedroom door. She begins to perform for him, even remembering his past violent outbursts, because Brad returned home to Austin from a Philadelphia business trip a changed man, or so she thinks.

Once Ronni has a taste of forbidden passion, she is addicted until Brad begins acting like a Jekyll-Hyde. She believes Brad may be bipolar, never realizing that something far more sinister is going on.

What happened at a Philly medical convention sets off a chain of events that begs the question, does a woman really know the cracks beneath her husband's skin?

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