Saturday, 25 June 2016

Review: SCARS by Jaimie Roberts

****3.5 Stars****

I was so excited to read this. I have been a fan of Jaimie Roberts for a while. Her ability to tell a story is what has me eagerly anticipating every book she releases.
The hot cover and synopsis of Scars is what grabbed my attention and the epilogue was so amazing and gave me such high hopes for the rest of the book.
It was clear from the beginning that Lily was a goody two-shoes type, who falls for her mysterious stalker and for the purpose of this review I shall call him Mr X. At first I didn't feel it plausible that a girl like Lily fall for someone like Mr X, but now I believe that it was more due to not being able to get into Lily's head. It also meant a huge portion of the book lost a lot of momentum and I do largely think that is down to the fact that Lily showed very little personality. Mr X's hidden identity, especially to Lily, was a major part of the story and the fact that we as readers were also kept from knowing too much about him, I felt it was more important that Lily's character had more in depth.
For me, Jaimie Roberts' books have always been about the great storylines and dare I say, hot sex? Scars had more of a young adult feel to it, although due to a particular scene I don't feel it could safely fall under this category. I felt a lot of what I love about Jaimie's books was missing, due to the very slow build up, although the feeling of suspense did remain strong throughout. I do have to say that some of the revelations were a little obvious, as I had worked such details out fairly early on.
Despite my misgivings with this book, I do have to commend Ms Roberts on her writing, as I felt the dialogue to be much more believable and natural compared to previous books.
As for the final moments, I wasn't quite made to believe some of the things that happened and if I'm honest it was at this point I felt the book to be rushed, which was a complete contrast to the earlier parts.
There was enough in this book to keep me glued to the pages, but sadly the pace of the book is what ultimately let it down for me.

Reviewed by Louise Dale

I had the perfect school, the perfect friends—the perfect life ...

At least, that’s what I thought.

But you changed all that.

You are always there ... Always watching ... Always waiting in the shadows. You send me flowers and messages. You stalk me, trace my every movement...
Until that one day, in a silly game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, when I finally get to feel you—have a taste of you ...

It left me wanting more.

One catastrophic day, my wish is granted.

Just past my eighteenth birthday, tragedy strikes and I watch my family die before my eyes.

You are there. You rescue me. You choose my life over my older sister’s, and I hate you for that. I hate you for taking me and imprisoning me. You say it’s for my sake, but I know it’s for your own. You make me see that my life could be much worse without you in it...

You make me see true darkness.

It is in that darkness you make me desperate for your presence, your touch, your caress. You make me need you... You make it impossible for me to live without you… And then, eventually…

You make me fall in love with you.
Secrets will always wound the ones twisted within their web of lies... But the ones I’m tangled in ... are deadly.

WARNING: Although this book (overall) is not a dark read, one chapter is an exception, and contains the following triggers: childhood sexual/emotional abuse with some intensity in one particular scene.