Thursday, 30 June 2016

Review: Slow Grind (Men of Mornington #1) by Eva Spencer

***3 Stars***

I am the biggest fan of Missy Johnson so when I saw that she was teaming up with Ashley Suzanne as Eva Spencer I jumped at the chance to read this. Slow Grind ended up being one of those books where I didn't exactly love it but I didn't exactly hate it either. I definitely saw the potential but I feel like there was too much unnecessary drama that detracted from the overall story.
While this book is considered a romance, the main emphasis is on the deep bonds between friends. Eva Spencer presents a story of a group of guys who will do anything to help their friend Max get the best treatment for his cancer, even going so far as stripping for a cure, with the help of their friend's younger sister, Aubrey. While teaching them to be the next Magic Mikes of Australia, the sparks start flying between Andrew and his best friend's little sister, Aubrey.
You are also introduced to a plethora of supporting characters like Nash, Cam, and Sam who all take part in stripping for Max's cure, as well as Emma who is supposedly Aubrey's BFF even though they haven't really spoken in the past decade. Then we have Jacey, the new BFF, who shows up at the end, as well as the desperate ex, Nate, just in time for the big cliffhanger.
While I liked the premise of the book, I felt like the book fell flat when it came to character development and the details. I didn't really find myself connecting to the characters all that much. I felt that Max's illness and the guys stripping for a cure took a backseat to all the unnecessary drama that the authors decided to throw in such as the horny mother, the desperate ex, the sex starved neighbor and the total lack of communication between Andrew and Aubrey. The authors seemed to jump around a lot and the book didn't really seem to naturally flow. It was a very busy drama filled book that seemed to lack the flow and connections I needed to feel.
On that note, Slow Grind does end on a cliffhanger in more ways than one. Although I struggled with this book and didn't exactly love it I would definitely read the next book in the series just to see what happens with the storyline.

Reviewed by Ashley Ziegler

Everyone remembers their first love, especially Aubrey Rosewood. Falling for Drew Ditner made absolutely no sense, seeing as he was the biggest jerk in her older brother’s core group of friends. For years, Aubrey hid her secret, one-sided love affair until nearly a decade later when she was no longer just Max’s little sister … she was a woman.

Drew couldn’t help but notice every little thing about Aubrey. When Aubrey returned to Australia ten years after her parents divorced, she was no longer the freckled, tomboy he remembered—she was his fantasy come to life.

Dealing with Max’s illness, the pair bond over the mutual love for Max and band together to find a way to help save him. With Aubrey’s help, Max’s four best friends embark on a sexy journey to raise cash to save his life. All the while, Drew tries his hardest to keep his hands off Aubrey.

Is it even possible to ignore your desires, or is Drew doomed to break his promise to Aubrey’s brother?

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