Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Review: Night Sins by Lisa Renee Jones

****3.5 Stars****

This is a paranormal short story about a sexy as sin vampire named Ethan and a kicka$$ heroine named Kayla. Kayla is a Watcher, a warrior whose prupose is to protect innocents from vampires. They should be enemies but from the moment they met they felt a strong connection to each other.
This story is a good one, the premise is interesting and could quite easily pan out into a whole series. This book felt more like a taster of the world laid out in this story, it's not a complete story and there are lots of stones left unturned so I do hope it is intended to become a series.
This book is well written and as I said the premise is a good one but I'm giving this book 3.5 stars because it is not a full story, and although the ending isn't exactly what I'd call a cliffhanger, it is in no way complete and it left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied. I do look forward to more though and hope there will be!

Reviewed by Steph Lewis

A man of darkness, a man of passion, trapped by temptation and desire. It's an inviting, achingly pleasurable alchemy no woman can refuse . . .

In the battle between good and evil, Kayla Ward knows vampires are strictly off limits. As a Watcher she is sworn to protect humankind from the nightwalkers. But a series of murders--the victims all women--leaves Kayla with only one choice: to join forces with the dark side. It isn't her fault that Ethan's seductive allure triggers every zone of pleasure in her body . . .

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