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Review: Two, Three, Four: The Complete Series by S.C. Daiko

*****4.5 Stars*****

SC Daiko has combined her emotional and sexy story of Lauren, Max and Steve into one convenient boxed set with an added prequel that tells us the previously untold story of how Lauren and Max first met.
In Three, we meet Lauren. Lauren has been having a hot and heavy online affair with her boss Max. The virtual bdsm is hot and he has a regular staring role in her nightly fantasies. When he invites her to travel to Italy to work with him in person she jumps at the chance. A gorgeous Italian Vila with a sexy Dom she plans to have lots of casual and off the charts hot sex with. What could possibly go wrong? Enter Steve, a colleague of Max also staying at his Vila. If one sexy man is good, two sounds even better. Before long, all three are engaged in a passionate affair that has them engaged sexually in every combination imaginable and it isn't long until more than just their bodies become entwined.
In Four, Max, Lauren and Steve are back and just as hot as they were in Three. Four picks up right where Three left off. Our trio have been living the dream in their passionate and unconventional relationship. They are deeply in love and making plans for the future, which include trying for a baby. Things could not be more perfect, but as we all know, life and love rarely go exactly as planned. Enter, James, an old friend of Steve. He's in town and he comes with an agenda that could tear the lovers apart. Soon, the Steve they know and love changes into someone almost unrecognizable. Can their love and passion keep their relationship strong or are some things destined to not last?
A wonderful addition to this trio's story is Two, the new prequel novella that tells the untold story of how Lauren and Max first met. If you, like me, were curious about what happened before Three began, you will just love Two! It covers the two month time span when Lauren first moved to Rome and we see how their initial friends with benefits relationship began. I really enjoyed getting some more insight into Lauren and Max's beginning and getting a closer look into their thoughts.
Two, Three, Four is a wonderful menage read. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys emotional stories filled with steam and loves their menage with a heaping dose of m/m and bdsm elements.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Max Conti. One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome. Hot as f*ck and my boss. 

Why am I crushing on him? 

I don’t do crushes. 

And I definitely don’t do falling in love. 

But when Max proposes a “friends with benefits” relationship, and introduces me to his favorite kink, I find I can’t resist. 

And then there’s Steve. Open to anything and a total hunk. 

I shouldn’t want two men in my bed. 

Except I do want them. 

I want them so bad I can’t keep my head straight. 

It’s lust, simple as that. No strings… just two guys, a girl, and a whole lotta sex. 

I can handle that. 

Sure I can. 

It’s no big deal. 

It’s not like I’m gonna fall for them or anything, right? 


Sexy Italian Max has the starring role in some hot dreams and wild nights for Lauren when she leaves her life in Seattle behind to work for his company in Rome, Italy. There she’ll meet gorgeous Englishman Steve, and soon crazy ideas start to form in Lauren’s mind about having both men in her bed. When Lauren’s fantasy becomes reality, the two sex gods take her to such heights of kinky pleasure she never imagined possible. So what could possibly go wrong? 


TWO THREE FOUR includes the never before published prequel, TWO, an updated version of THREE, and FOUR. A panty-melting emotional read. 18+only.

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