Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Review: Love Addicts Anonymous: Part One by J.C. Reed & Jackie S. Steele

****3.5 Stars****

I am finding this review a real struggle to write just because the book was so short and not much happened. It was more of a teaser / not much happens book if you ask me but it was enough to make me want to know what happens in the next instalment.
Kade and Vicky both find themselves being sent to Love Addicts Anonymous rehab centre, both for different reasons. However upon arrival they find themselves bunked up as room mates under a trial scheme the rehab centre is running. Kade is a sex addict and Vicky has been deemed a love stalker but all is not what it seems on one or maybe both accounts. Will they break the rules of no sex with any other attendee? Who knows as it's not got that far yet!
I liked the premise of this story, however just in my own opinion I think I would have loved it as a full length book rather than 3 serial novella's, it would have been an instant hit. I would have liked that little bit more of character build up in Kade, I felt that we got to the bottom of the truth with Vicky but Kade not so much. Over all the way it was written worked it's magic as I now need to know what happens next, I just feel disappointed in the shortness and the way it ended but hey you can't please us all.

Reviewed by Claire Lamb

Kade Wright is an expert in rocking any woman's world.

Sexy, rich, and the type you don’t bring home to meet your mother, he has broken more hearts than he can remember, and there is no end in sight. Until one mistake lands him in boiling hot waters. When his company orders him to the LOVE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS Rehab Center, he better get his affairs in order or else he loses his seat on the company board.

Love isn’t supposed to be addictive. But for Vicky Sullivan it is.

A true romantic at heart, she comes with a bit of a stalking tendency, and is completely not adverse to commitment. But who’s Kade to judge? As someone who’s seeking commitment and afraid of never finding love, she’s the type of woman he wouldn’t usually hit on. Except, she’s hot and keeps avoiding him…yes, even after seeing his private parts naked in all their glory.

Kade isn’t known as the tall, dark and ruthless businessman for no reason. Romance isn’t in the air, more like wild between the sheets action with no expectations. Vicky’s convinced she can resist, but Kade has other plans for her.

Can Vicky stay away from the one man who seems so easy to get and so hard to keep?

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