Monday, 21 November 2016

Review: Over the Edge (Bridge #3) by Meredith Wild

*****5 Stars*****

I will start off by saying I am a huge fan of Meredith Wild. I first discovered her thanks to her very popular Hacker series and have happily been along for the ride since. Her Bridge series deals with the Bridge family and I had been anxiously awaiting this third book all about Olivia. In fact, it had ended up being my favorite of the series and the fact it is a menage probably had a lot to do with that!
Wild takes us on an emotional adventure with Olivia and the two men who enter her life and heart, Will and Ian. Wild is a talented writer and she always manages to bring us characters who are fascinating and who you will quickly become invested in. I loved watching these three together. Will was purely in it for the physical aspect at first, but, not surprisingly, soon lines got drawn and feelings began to develop for all three. Watching them work through and come to terms with those feelings is what made this such an enjoyable read for me.
I also need to note that it was pretty explosive thanks to the steamy scenes these three shared! Wild writes passionate scenes well, but she outdid herself in Over the Edge. I love menage stories, but I'll be the first to admit they require a delicate balance of physical and emotional page time to be memorable. That was managed very well here! This was hot, sexy, emotional and very well written. I suggest reading the first two books in the series before jumping in here so you get a full appreciation for the characters, though it could be read as a standalone without much issue.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Olivia Bridge has always been a good girl—good grades, good friends, and a good job that her wealthy parents handed her. Desperate to carve out a life that is truly hers, Liv walks away from it all and takes on the challenge of helping her brothers open a chain of fitness centers in New York City. Just as she’s beginning to find her footing in a new place, she’s caught between two men who couldn’t be more determined to turn all her goodness inside out. 

Will Donovan has the capital to make the Bridge brothers’ entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Taking their uptight sister to bed seems a reasonable perk for the risk. Liv is the smartest, sexiest prude Will’s ever met, and he can’t wait to break her down. 

Life is too short for Ian Savo to play by anyone’s rules. Sharing women with his best friend isn’t anything new, so when Will introduces him to Liv, he can’t wait to get a taste. But falling for the same girl, or falling at all, was never in the plans...

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