Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Review: Dark Corners (True Heroes #3) by A.M. Madden

****3.5 Stars****

This is David's story, who we met in the previous book in this series as Angela's brother. Now finished in the armed forces he's trying to get his life back on track, taking a degree in psychology but his PTSD is holding him back. He's a toured hero plagued with nightmares of his time at war. 

Then he meets Maygen and she brings light back into his life. Beautiful, independent and stubborn she keeps him on his toes, but our tortured hero struggles with his insecurities that she's too good for him and the baggage he comes with. 
I found this book to be a different pace to A.M. Madden's usual work, I found it to be quite slow paced for a good three quarters of the book and then, bam, plot twist I didn't see coming. The last 25% was more in keeping with A.M. Madden's usual writing style, lots of action and intense and emotional scenes. I'm rating this book a lot lower than I usually rate her books because of the very slow start, honestly I struggled with it in parts. I loved the last quarter and the ending, I enjoyed the involvement of characters from previous books who's stories I was incredibly invested in. But with this one I just didn't connect. It could have been down to the slow start or it could just have been me, I'm not ruling that out, it's a strong possibility that I just wasn't in the mindset to read this book at this time and that hindered my enjoyment. I can only rate it based on my experience but if you are following this series then no doubt you'll be intrigued by David from the last book and his involvement in Angela's story. He's definitely a character that evokes your sympathy and you want to know more about him and understand him better. 
That being said A.M. Madden is still one of my favourite authors and someone whose books I always tend to recommend, if you follow her work then you need to read this to complete the story of this group of characters. If you're yet to read her books then definitely give this series a go, start with book one though as although each book is about a different main character, this series as a whole is about a group of characters and they feature in each others books. I think I probably would have benefitted from rereading the previous book where David was introduced so that the connection I felt to David's character was still there to carry me through, I think possibly if I had my experience reading this book would have been different.

Reviewed by Steph Lewis

Love is war when shadows play games with the heart. In this thrilling romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Stone Walls and Glass Ceilings, a decorated veteran facing the darkest battlefield finds a guiding light to trust and tenderness.

David Cavello is no longer in uniform, but the memories of combat still haunt his every waking moment. Driven to protect and serve, he accepts an undercover job he has to keep hidden from everyone. But David’s mission goes against orders the second he makes contact with gorgeous and spirited Maygen Whitney. The intense attraction he feels for Maygen drives him crazy—almost as crazy as he feels about hiding information from her.

After growing up with an overprotective father, Maygen feels like she’s finally claiming her independence. Sure, she’s been lonely, but David seems to make all her dreams come deliciously true—until the sting of betrayal sends her world spiraling. Now Maygen’s caught in a tragic web of lies, leaving her more vulnerable than ever to an enemy hidden in the shadows. But when Maygen most needs a hero, David leaps into action—intent on doing whatever it takes to save the woman he loves.

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