Sunday, 17 July 2016

Review: Six by James Crow

*****5 Stars*****

Six by James Cox is completely and utterly filthy and I adored every single moment of it. I do want to put a warning, that this book is not for the faint of heart or those easily offended by the more interesting and extreme sexual fetishes. Some very unique and fringe kinks are illustrated that will not be everyone's cup of tea (<--- there is an in joke of sorts here you will understand once you have read this book), but for those out there who aren't afraid to be a bit uncomfortable as they read a good and filthy erotic romance this book should be the perfect way to spend a weekend.
Emma Jane is living a sheltered and ultimately unfulfilling life thanks to her horrid parents (and as the story unfolds they just get worse and worse). She is about to marry someone she doesn't love because he will help save her family's precarious financial situation. She has dreams and desires, but she is trapped because of the obligations she feels she must fulfill (though she give her desires an outlet in the form of the stable boys). Her Aunt Fiona decides what she needs before her impending nuptials is six days spent at a mansion that will allow her to sow every wild sexual oat she can dream of and then some. She is at first intrigued and then horrified as Fee gives her a peak into what she has purchased for her. Ultimately she agrees to visit this 'den of passion' as Fee so delicately puts it, though is reluctant when she first arrives.
Jonathon Gold is the owner of the establishment Emma Jane is about to visit. He is a millionaire with varied sexual tastes and a reputation for all things sexual that proceeds him. His mansion is a place for the wealthy to indulge in any and all sexual fantasies that can be dreamed up. He and his group of Angels help them make their deepest, dirties and kinkiest dreams realities. At first glance he seems like your typical playboy millionaire who cares only about sexual gratification. He works hard at keeping his emotions under wrap and he usually has no problems staying detached, but client six, Emma Jane, is different. She is special and he is drawn to her contradicting innocence and dirty nature.
I mentioned at the beginning of this review how filthy this book was and I feel a need to repeat myself. The sex scenes in this story were filthy and took on some very interesting and unique kinks (I don't think I will ever be able to look at a mayonnaise jar the same way again). There is so much more here though than just a filthy smutty erotic story. At the heart of this book, there is a developing romance that was surprisingly sweet. There were also a lot of very funny moments that had me chuckling out loud. My favorite part of this story, though, was the wonderful characters. Emma Jane, Jonathon, Fiona and Suki were unique and memorable. I will admit to taking awhile to warm up to Emma Jane and Jonathon in the early parts of this story, but once we were able to see below the surface I loved them. My favorite character, without a doubt, was Aunt Fee. She was too fun and the most wonderful cheerleader a niece could hope for. I also have a huge soft spot for Suki, who could have easily become just a write off character there to add some extra sexual elements, but was charming and heartwarming and became an integral secondary character. I enjoyed watching Jonathon help Emma Jane explore her sexuality and desires and watching these two fall into feelings for each other was sexy, amusing, at times frustrating (especially for awhile toward the end, I wanted to shake them both, good thing they had Fiona) and ultimately sweet and romantic. I especially loved the ending.
I believe this is James Crow's first book and I was pleasantly surprised by how well written it was. When I first began reading I expected this to be the typical PWP (plot, what plot?) smut-filled erotica and am very happy I was proven wrong. I cannot wait to see what other stories James Crow will treat his readers to in the future!

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

I sell more than sex. I sell experiences.
My clients are women of taste and style, with money to lavish on their most intimate fantasies.
The contract is clear: Absolute confidentiality. No limits. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
I take them to that place in the half-light, where pleasure blurs with pain, and sex becomes so much more. Beautiful filth, sweet and dirty and so fucking delicious. They take it all and always come back for more.
I’m in it for the money, and maybe the pleasure, too.
I don’t do emotional involvement. Ever. I’m a professional, and this is business.
Until she walks in.
Client number SIX
And things get really fucking complicated.

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