Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Review: Pretty; by Amber Lacie

*****5 Stars*****

This is my third book that I've read by Amber Lacie and was quite different than the first two, but I loved it nonetheless. Pretty; is a dark and edgy romance filled with suspense and angsty drama. If you love angst and suspenseful action then this is the perfect read for you! It was incredibly hard for me to put this book down once I really got into it. It's definitely one of those books that will keep you turning the pages until the end and then have you realizing that you've stayed up all night reading.
The characters are quite complex and likable. Laith is the owner of City Ink Tattoos. He is creative, funny, gorgeous, and perfect in every way. Andie has been relocated after finally being saved from a a life that no person should ever have to endure and is now starting fresh in the midst of Chicago, where she is a bartender at Clocks. The two have an instant connection and they both have a brokenness about them, but Andie is still in danger from being found out by some dangerous people linked to her horrible past. Can the two of them fight their demons together and finally be happy or will their demons drag them down?
Pretty; completely blew me away and took me by surprise from how different it was from the authors other books. This book was on a whole other level of writing and I absolutely loved it, even though it was a darker read than I am used to reading. Readers should note the warning at the beginning; this book does contain violence and abuse that could be triggers for certain people. On that note, I cannot wait to find out what Amber Lacie has in store for us next!

Reviewed by Ashley Ziegler

After a lifetime of torture from a man set out to destroy her, Andie finally finds herself surviving on her own free of his grasp despite her past still haunting her dreams.

Laith had his own demons to fight, but now he's thriving in Chicago as the owner of City Ink Tattoos.

When Andie and Laith meet their worlds shift as they find strength in each other. Will they be able to build with the pieces of their hearts they have left, or will their love crumble and fall, leaving them both completely shattered?

Author's Note: The novel contains adult situations that are meant for 18+ and graphic situations such as rape, abuse (including sexual), neglect, suicide and drug abuse.

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