Thursday, 7 July 2016

Review: The Ones That Got Away (The Fish Tales, #4) by Suanne Laqueur

****4 Stars****

This book is a peek behind the scenes of The Fish Tales series and the processes that happened which led to creating the characters, some which made the series and some which didn't. Some scenes included are deleted ones that never made the final draft, some scenes are what Suanne Laqueur wrote quite a few years ago, before the series I have come to absolutely love took shape.
I have to say that I loved some parts of this book and others made me appreciative they didn't make the final edits of the books, although I am in complete awe at the thought processes it took to come up with what I can only describe as complex characters and a totally engaging storyline. This book explains all of that and more.
As well as giving us the many unedited drafts, Suanne herself pops up throughout this book to explain certain things and it was during these moments that I found to be the most fun and interesting.
This isn't one of those books that makes you sit in wonder at the end of it, as it's almost biographical in nature, in so much as it is Suanne herself telling us what it took for her to write a novel/series. There was quite a mish mash of excerpts that jump from one scene to another, however despite this, I did feel there was a smooth flow to the book.
All in all, I wouldn't say this book is necessary to the series, but it does compliment it quite well and for me, it did make me love Erik and Will that much more.

Reviewed by Louise Dale

Plenty of fish in the sea. But none like the ones that got away.

Author Suanne Laqueur gives her readers an intimate, guided tour of the award-winning novel,
The Man I Love. From the embryonic chapters written over twenty years ago to scenes cut from the final draft, you’ll witness the crafting of an emotional journey and the evolution of the beloved characters within The Fish Tales.

Includes never-before-seen material and an excerpt from Laqueur’s next novel,
An Exaltation of Larks.

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