Sunday, 18 September 2016

Review: The Watchers (The Angelus Trilogy #1) by Jon Steele

****4 Stars****

As soon as I read the blurb for The Watchers by Jon Steele I was intrigued to read more, it sounded right up my street, suspense, murder, mystery, nephlims and fallen angels.
The Watchers is set in Lausanne Switzerland, after reading this book Switzerland is on my places to visit!!!
Marc Rochat a bell ringer who watches over the city at night from the cathedral was my favourite character out of all the three main characters, I was instantly drawn to his character.
Katherine is a high class and also high paid American call girl.
Jay is a British private detective who has suffered from memory loss and can't remember how he came to have this job, but all three have one job and that is to protect the fallen angels of Lausanne, there will be fights and death beween good and evil.
I did enjoy this book but the downside was the sheer length of the book and how slow building it was until we get to the exciting and interesting parts but this could also be seen as a good point to someone who enjoys a slow building book.
The good parts are interesting plot, good characters and good writing by the author, I will be reading book two to find out what happens next.

Reviewed by Gemma Curran

Meet Marc Rochat, a man-child who has devoted his life to being the bell ringer at the Gothic Lausanne Cathedral, one of the greatest architectural structures in the world. Eerie things have been going on in and around his church, including tremblings in the underground crypt and a variety of gruesomely murdered bodies showing up in nearby streets. Across the square from the cathedral lives Katherine Taylor, a beautiful young American woman who is making phenomenal money as one of the highest-priced call girls in Switzerland; she's a bit too introspective for her own good and, unfortunately, much too observant of her clients' peccadilloes. Rochat's and Taylor's lives collide with Jay Harper, a British private eye who has been sent to investigate the killings and other strange doings; alas, he has no memory of who hired him or precisely why he was chosen for the job. And now all the clues are pointing skyward, where fallen angels are said to haunt Lausanne.

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