Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Review: Fire in the Blood (The Red Series #2) by Lily Freeman

*****5 Stars*****

I had really enjoyed a Little Band of Red and could not wait to read the next book in the trilogy. When we left PJ and Luke she was overcoming her concerns and trying to be the sub Luke wants and Luke had promised he would be content with what she could give him. Luke, is a Sadist and the fact that PJ is not into pain proved to be a large issue of concern for her. As this second book opens, Luke is convinced that PJ can be the perfect Masochist for him with a little help and guidance. So much for being content with what she was willing to offer (are we really surprised by this development? I pretty much saw that coming, kinks are hard to let go of when you have lived your life giving into them).
Given the tension between PJ and Luke this story felt like a roller coaster ride. Luke cannot believe PJ would walk away from him and what they can have over this (and, as I said, he is convinced she will get on board the pain loving train at his hands) and he is not dealing very well. PJ is also not dealing well with this and finds herself running to Elliot and Mika. Those are her sexy bisexual neighbors who I loved in book one. They are more than happy to add her to the mix and once she has three men with all very different personalities vying for her time and affections things get all kinds of complicated and interesting (refer back to roller coaster ride comment). PJ is trying really hard to not fall for either Elliot or Mika, but she's not exactly successful on that front.
I really enjoyed this book. I am not sure what I want to have happen for our characters. Lily Freeman has me all over the place in terms of my emotions. We still have one more book to go in this trilogy so we are left with another cliffhanger. Who will everyone end up with? How many hearts will be broken? Can PJ and Luke find some common kinky ground or are they just too different? What will happen to my beloved Elliot and Mika?! I have no clue and I will be anxiously awaiting book three to find out. I'll also mention that India continues to be my favorite character in this series. I really hope once this series continues past the initial trilogy she gets more page time!

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Eight weeks ago, Polly Jayne Lester vanished.

With no explanation, no goodbyes; she walked away from one life, to start another.
Now based in London, she has a home: new friends, a new dog and – a Master. Luke Monroe is everything she never knew she wanted: dominant, sexy, passionate, and a sadist.
As their relationship develops, with her giving a little and him taking a lot, PJ is forced to explore the side of Luke she’s always found disconcerting, all under the watchful eyes of her neighbors Mika and Elliot, the other two men who have come to mean so much to her.

But at what price? 

When tensions mount between the three unquestionably alpha males, PJ’s caught in the middle. With Luke’s demands intensifying, Elliot’s possessive behaviour becoming more and more evident, and Mika, always her soft place to fall, claiming a little more of her heart each day, she’s torn. She’s already learnt the hard way that love can hurt, and she thought she knew how much, but nothing could have prepared her for this.

‘Fire in the Blood’ is the second book in ‘The Red Series.’ It is not a stand-alone novel, and I would highly recommend that if you intend to read it, you read ‘A Little Band of Red’ first.

Although both are part of a larger series, the first three novels have been written as a complete trilogy, concluding with ‘To Catch a Flame’, due out in December 2016.

With that in mind, not all of your questions will be answered or all hearts mended. But I promise, in the end they will.

Warning: ‘Fire in the Blood’ includes m/f, m/m and m/m/f scenes as well as a darker event containing violence and elements of non-consent.

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