Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Review: Fighting to Be Free (Fighting to Be Free #1) by Kirsty Moseley

****4 Stars****

I had begun reading Fighting to Be Free back when Kristy Moseley was publishing it on Wattpad, so was quite excited to read it now that it has been revised and expanded and was being published more traditionally.
Jamie is a character you cannot help but root for. He has not been dealt an easy hand and after he is released from juvie, he tries hard to stay on the straight and narrow. He soon finds that is not an easy task and his former ties to the criminal world are hard to shake free from.
When Jamie meets Ellie there is an instant attraction. She isn't interested in serious boyfriend, having just been out of a relationship, but she has no problem having some fun with Jamie. Soon, feelings begin to develop and before she knows it, something that started out as fun becomes very serious and important.
Ellie is a character I didn't love quite as much as Jamie. Ellie read as very immature to me. She is a teenager, so I suppose that is to be expected, but despite Jamie's sometimes questionable choices, he seemed much more mature than her (though I suppose spending four years in juvenile detention can do that). I did like how sweet she was and for being the 'popular girl' she was surprisingly likeable and innocent.
I can't say this was a favorite read for me, but I did find it quite enjoyable. I enjoyed watching Jamie and Ellie's relationship develop and I loved Jamie as a character. Who doesn't love a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks who is trying to get his life in order? I always was an easy mark for the 'good girl falls for bad boy who is actually good' storylines. Part of what kept me from loving this was I found myself wishing at times the story had a bit less drama. These two have a lot of angst thrown into their lives and relationship and there was drama coming from every place imaginable (and then some). Despite my minor criticisms, I'm intrigued enough to want to read the next book in the series once it is out.

Reviewed by Rosemary Feil

Jamie Cole has just been released from juvenile detention. Determined to go straight, he tried to cut ties with crime boss Brett Reye--but Brett has no intention of letting him go. Jamie's life is already more complicated than it needs to be, yet when he meets a beautiful stranger at a bar, Jamie knows he's in over his head.

Ellie Pearce has just gotten out of a terrible relationship and isn't looking for anything serious...until she meets Jamie. Their attraction is overwhelming and intense-she can't seem to shake her growing feelings for him, even though she's trying to keep it casual.

But when fate goes horribly wrong and Jamie's family is faced with ruin, he's forced to strike a deal with Brett. Despite his struggles, he wants nothing more than a future with Ellie. That's until Ellie finds out that he's been hiding more from her than she could ever imagine...

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