Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Review: Soulless (King #4) by T.M. Frazier

*****5 Stars*****
One word - ASTOUNDING !!!
Well I never thought in a million years anyone could knock any of the books of my top ten ever list but each and every book in this series has done just that. I am firmly put in my place each time I say surly the next won't be better than the last but this author just continues to blow me away with a firm boot up the backside saying told ya so. I can't rehash the story as it would give spoilers to anyone who hasn't read Lawless the first side of Bears story but I can promise you won't be disappointed. The characters just interconnect flawlessly, their back story is tragically perfect and the writing is immaculate and precise. Some may think the first half of the book is too slow but in all honesty I didn't think it took away anything as it was a much needed build up to take the story to the next angsty level. We also meet some new characters in this book and one who stood out for me was a certain little explosion called Rage, she's definitely one to watch for I think. This author knows where her story has to go in order to please her readers and she does everything to make that happen. There are the ample amount of twists to keep you guessing just to shock you on revealing you were wrong. Bear and Thia's story is simply just perfect and I seriously can't wait to see what's next. I do have a funny feeling where we are going but my lips are sealed. I want a do over with the whole series and so jealous of anyone who is reading this series for the first time.
Reviewed by Claire Lamb
The finale to Bear and Thia's epic love story.

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