Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review: Love Like Blood (Royal Blood #4) by Amity Cross

****3.5 Stars****
I've loved every single book in this series so far and I even mentioned, in my review of the last book, how much I would have loved the story to continue.
Unfortunately, with this book, the characters haven't gone in a direction I hoped they would.
Every character was virtually unrecognisable from the ones I have become familiar with. Vaughn in particular was a shadow of the man I had come to love. In this book he gave me very little and I get his love for Lorelei is unconditional, but he just came across as weak in comparison to what he has been. Having said that, I did feel his devotion to Lorelei was incredible and it was hard not to love him for that.
As for Lorelei, well she just came across as a bit of a b1tch, if I'm honest. She never really gave away much vulnerability, even when she started to piece things together. Having gone through what she has, I would have expected more from her.
We were not only given the story of Vaughn and Lorelei, but also how X and Mercy are doing working for a Black Ops organisation within the British Government. It will be interesting to see how things will ultimately work out for them, because I really do believe they were at their best when they lived by their own rules.
This book to me felt like a filler for things to come in the next book and despite my misgivings about this one, I did enjoy it, just not to the level I did the others and I'm still hopeful that the series will return to what I know and love.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

Sebastian Vaughn is haunted by the ghost of his dead lover.
After coming face to face with everything he lost, he’s on the run with a deadly assassin who’s on the verge of insanity. What else are you meant to do when the biggest ghost from your past stares you right in the face? Go with the flow, or die trying.
Xavier Blood never thought he’d fall in love, let alone work for the good guys.
Mercy Reid held him together during the darkest time of his life and now she’s an agent alongside him. Working Black Ops for the British government means two things. No accountability and no association. Get caught and you’re dead.
Their first assignment puts them on the trail of Vaughn, the assassin who saved his life, and the last living man who took everything from him, Jaques Lafayette.
The stakes are high, trust is a hot commodity and someone’s going to die.
Only time will tell who’s blood will paint the world red.

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