Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Review: Divine by Aven Jayce

*****4.5 Stars*****
The first thing that struck me about this book was that there appeared to be some familiarity to it, in the way that Divine Hallowell AKA indie romance author Violet Cuddlecock (I'd read her books with a name like that) and her Street Team behaved on a facebook group and also the way other members interacted with her. I'm not sure if this book is based on anyone or anything in particular, but as Violet, Divine initially came across as someone who, with the help of her street team was totally desperate to sell her books. The books appeared to contain very little depth to many, but to her they were based on actual events. These events affected Divine a lot and as such, shaped the way she went about her day to day life.
This book was totally unconventional as far as romance novels go. If I'm honest it was a bit bonkers, sometimes a tad cheesy, but actually very very funny indeed. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments. It was a little bit sexy in places - OK, a certain fetish isn't my cup of tea, but in the context of a funny read, it kind of works. I have to say I'd never heard of a Vajankle before and I'm pretty sure I dont want to have it appear in any other book again, but for now I am happy to say it provided some laughs for me.
Divine, for the most part is totally endearing, even if she does appear to have lost the plot. At times I did feel for her and although there is a definite humour to this book, there is an underlying sadness and loneliness to Divine, but that makes her, for me all the more likeable.
Dan Keller, is also another thing that defies the norm when it comes to romance books. He has a warped sense of humour that borders on sick, but again its hard not to be completely smitten with him.
I'd highly recommend this book to readers who like a lot of humour in their books and I have to say I really wasn't expecting to like this book quite as much as I did.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
A satirical novel about indie authors, college, and falling in love.

Divine Hallowell is a young disgruntled college professor. A bit of a loner, she writes dark romance novels and secretly views adult websites in her spare time. She also hasn't been out with a man in years. Look up the word single in the dictionary and you might come across her name. Her life is 'meh.'

But she has her eye on someone; a guy in her neighborhood who may turn her life upside down and inside out, igniting a spark in her heart.

James Daniel Keller was born and raised in the small university town where Divine teaches. He's unpredictable, good-humored, and absolutely stunning; a different type of guy than she's ever experienced. And in her eyes, he's quite possibly way too good to be true.

There has to be something wrong with him, right?
Isn't there always something?

And then there's Divine's inner voice, Violet, a pain in the ass, relentless, and full of conflicting advice. Why can't she just shut the hell up?

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