Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review: Sins, Lies & Spies (Black Brothers #2) by Lisa Cardiff

*****5 Stars*****
You know that feeling you used to get when you were a child and you were going really high on a swing? The way your stomach slowly flip-flops over and over? That slightly queasy feeling that you somehow still enjoyed? This book gave me that feeling.
There is so much deceit and so many lies that just when you get your hopes up, your stomach takes another dive.
By no means was this a "teary" book but I did have a lump in my throat.
This is book #2 in the Black Brothers series. I really loved book #1 and Archer Black was certainly yummy but even then, I was drawn to Knox and desperately wanted his story.
Knox is brooding and carefree all at once. He works hard and he plays just as hard, as long as there's no strings, no commitment and no whiney, needy women. Knox is happy with the life he's carved out for himself.
Along comes Trinity. She's been burned more than once and doesn't trust easily.
Thrust together when their paths cross, neither one trusts the other but they soon find that they need each other in order to accomplish their goals.
Can they get over their mistrust of each other or are they destined to second guess each move the other makes?
I read this book easily in a day. It's a great read that flows seamlessly and although not super intense, it has enough to keep you from putting it down. I look forward to book #3.
Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer 
Knox Black is no stranger to secrets... As the head of a private military company, specializing in intelligence gathering, he's more than familiar with political corruption and secrets worth killing for. He has one objective on his current mission... Knox must uncover the mastermind orchestrating the blackmail scheme swaying votes in Congress. It was supposed to be easy. After all, nothing fazes him, until he faces off with Trinity Jones, a member of a rival company. Knox is determined to flip Trinity's loyalties and use her to his advantage, but there's one problem-he can't keep her out of his head, or his heart. As the tangled web of secrets behind the blackmail scheme unravel, Trinity is unwittingly thrust into the center of it. With her life on the line, Knox will to have to decide what is more important... His mission? Or the woman who stole his heart?  

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