Monday, 22 February 2016

Review: Raw and Dirty (Bad Boys MC #1) by Violet Blaze

****4 Stars****
Royal McBride is the president of the Alpha Wolves, British born and came to America when he was a teen, he prides himself on always putting his club, his brothers first. To prove that he killed his best friend the one person who made him feel welcome in America. Royal is hot and brooding and oozes sexuality he really is a wolf with his raw animal like attraction and aggression!
Lyric Rentz the good girl from the mayors o...ffice got one look at bad boy McBride and seemed to throw all her innocence out the window. By day she's the mayors daughter and Deputy Mayor and by night she's a sassy, feisty young woman who gets a thrill from playing with the President of an outlaw biker gang. Not that I blame her, Jesus, he's the kinda man you have dreams about, you know the really good ones where you don't wanna wake up! In fact I'll go as far as to say he's my new book boyfriend! Royal and Lyric have this connection from the get go and as this story develops so does their chemistry. The story was hot and action packed, full of great sex and the storyline is something good that I can't wait to see developed further throughout the rest of the series, it has a good basis and the story itself has me wanting to know more. What happened to make Landon, Royal's best friend and club VP turn on his own guys? can Lyric and Royal make something of their attraction? Will the other members be developed more? Glacier seems like someone I want to know more about and what better way than with sequels! I genuinely can't wait to read the rest of the series, I loved this book.
I wanted so badly for this to be 5 stars but I just couldn't do it. The only thing that made me lower the rating was probably a bit juvenile but it really threw me off and put a funk on my reading so I couldn't let it slide as much as I wanted to. Every time Royal said "bloody f*ck" I cringed and rolled my eyes at the same time. Brits don't say "bloody f*ck" it's one or the other for us and whenever he said it my head automatically had this gif of east is east and it really bothered me because he's supposed to be a Brit living in America but that just haunted me the whole way through no other British person I've ever had a conversation with has put those two words together in a sentence. Other than that though his use of British expletives such as twat and tosser were brilliant. I loved everything else about it and look forward to reading more from Violet Blaze.
Reviewed by Paige Rymer
Make nice with the President of the Alpha Wolves Motorcycle Club.

Yeah right.

It was what my job description called for—I just never realized exactly how nice I needed to be.
I certainly never expected to find myself twisted up and tangled in the raw, dirty world of an outlaw motorcycle club … or in the sexy, tattooed hands of the man in charge.

Royal McBride is a jerk—but a jerk with a swoon worthy accent, a big bike, and big … well, other things.

I didn't think falling in love with him would threaten my life. His life.
That we'd both risk losing everything we hold dear.

The mayor's daughter … an outlaw MC president.
It's a match made in heaven … a match tested in hell.

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