Saturday, 6 February 2016

Review: Summer (Four Seasons #2) by Frankie Rose

****4 Stars****
I'm having some mixed feelings about this book. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the book, but maybe because I was totally blown away with Winter, I think this one just didn't quite match up to it. In book one I loved the fact that I had absolutely no idea about a certain turn of events. How it always left me guessing. With this one however, I didn't think there was quite enough to sink my teeth into. With Summer, there's a very different feel to it. Luke has headed to LA to embark on a year long stint with his band D.M.F and Avery remaining in New York to finish her studies at University. The question I knew going into this book was, how will the twosome cope with a long distance relationship? Instead of adoring Luke like I did in the first book, I found he needed a few slaps around the head in this one. Avery, for me, was the star of the book. The way she handled herself with grace and dignity, despite what she had to endure, is a real credit to how she has grown as a character. Now I know at times I became incredibly frustrated with Luke, I really did sympathise with him in many ways and in a way I understood why he did certain things, but my god, the guy is a dumbass at times. Although still an incredibly sexy dumbass. And underneath his 'dumbassiness' is a perfect and caring guy. For me I loved the fact that we went from point A to point B, but something for me was lacking somewhere in between. Perhaps I needed more angst. Maybe I needed more of that chemistry that we were given in the first book. Also a really good antagonist wasn't present so much in this book, where as we were spoilt for choice in Winter. I'm not entirely sure if there is more to Avery and Luke's story in a third book, because I really do feel like I'm missing something. I understand this book had to take a different route to the first, to enable the story to progress and I have to point out that this was an incredibly well written story with amazing characters. As it stands, I really want more from Avery and Luke and definitely more of that incredibly chemistry we have come to love from this couple.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
Avery Patterson’s literally not the girl she used to be.

A past that haunted her for years turned out to be based on a lie. Her father was not an evil man. He loved Avery enough to die for her, and now she’s determined to live for him. She owes him that much, and so much more. Ever since she was fourteen, Avery’s been running and hiding from every challenge she’s faced with, but this time she’s determined not to run. She’s going to fight for the broken boy who not only helped to unveil the truth about her family’s past, but also showed her there was hope for the future.

The only problem is that winter is over. Spring is almost through, and Avery’s New York Cop has turned in his badge and taken up his guitar. It’s been three months without contact. Three months without a single word.

Where on earth is Lucas Reid?

It’s amazing how quickly your life can change. One minute you’re patrolling the streets in one of the world’s craziest cities, arresting felons, and the next you’re singing something you came up with in the shower to fifteen thousand people. It’s easy to forget what life was like before. Easy to blur out the events of a childhood that feels like it happened to someone else.
But it didn’t happen to someone else. It happened to him. Luke knows that in order to move forward with Avery, he needs to come clean. But how best to do that, when his demons are so dirty?

It’s easy to write a song. It’s easy to make a crowd chant your name. But finding the right words to tell a horrible truth?

Nothing’s ever been harder.

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