Friday, 15 January 2016

Review: Vertical Lines (The Vert Series #1) by Kristen Kehoe

****5 Stars*****
I don't know about you, the other book lovers out there, but sometimes it's hard to pin-point exactly what it is about a book that grabs you. Sometimes, even when you know, it's hard to put into words.
But what remains a constant for me is the way a book can induce emotions - sometimes it's tears, sometimes laughter - and with this book, it was a constant pressure on my chest. A weight that at times can be suffocating, but that I eagerly endure.
This book's synopsis is intriguing, there's no doubt about that, but it's so much more.
As I delved deeper into the lives of the characters, you become immersed in their toil, they joy, their sorrow.
Sometimes it's not just about the hot scenes or the angst. Sometimes it's just the smaller things, the things that resonate within our own lives or pasts, that call out to us and force us to identify.
Brooklyn is a great character! Brooding and almost unapproachable but hidden beneath his nonchalant exterior, there was so much more!
The sub-characters in this book are so well developed that they're as much a part of the story as Brooklyn and Jordana.
Hunter intrigues me, although I would guess that Mal's story would be next. Whichever it is, if the next few books in this series are as well written as this one, I'll be waiting to get my hands on them!
Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer 
An artist and a smart girl.
A staid family and a broken one.
She’s adorably literal; he’s big and quietly emotional.

Jordana Richards was determined to make the best of her post high school life, despite the fact that nothing about her current college experience was of her choosing: not the school or the major, and definitely not the place. But it wasn't home, so that's something. Yet, the harder she tried to fit in, the less she felt like she did.

Until the night she said screw it.

Until the night she walked out on her parents and bought her very own piece of cake.

The same night she met Brooklyn Novak: brooding artist, huge man, overall scary human being who took a keen interest in her.

Brooklyn was out of ideas. He had no art, because really, his subjects had no soul. When the girl at the convenience store clicked her way into his life on five hundred dollar shoes and the fumes of a tantrum, this changed. Jordana Richards: the rich girl with a mission who gave Brooklyn the spark he needed to create again.

Uncomfortable with their attraction, Brooks and Jordan strike a deal: he'll help her have fun, she'll be his muse for as long as he needs. Simple.

Yeah right.

The more time they spend together, the more both of them realize that what started out as a convenient relationship is now transitioning to vital, and neither knows how to deal with it.

When a truth comes to light that has the potential to break both of their worlds, Jordan and Brooks have to decide how deep their feelings really go, and just how much they are willing to sacrifice in order to be together.

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