Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Review: Night Fires by D.H. Sidebottom

*****5 Stars*****
How much pain can a person live with? If the pain is so all consuming, is the life left behind even worth living?
Despair and devastation leave two people barely existing. What keeps them going? Vengeance? Self-imposed purgatory? Patience to wait for their own end to come?
I'll freely admit that powerfully written books can reduce me to tears, be they happy or sad tears. This talented author, DH Sidebottom, has time and again brought me to my knees but never - never - have I endured a book with a perpetual lump in my throat, the way I have with this one.
Right from the start, my heart was forced to empathise with the characters and just when you can't take any more, another heap of sorrow is thrown in, leaving you desperate for salvation but fearing it may never come.
DH Sidebottom is a true wordsmith and I'm more astounded with each book she releases, that she's able to outdo herself. I am never disappointed and know that starting one of her books, means embarking on a journey that will undoubtably leave you irrevocably changed.
Another 5 star triumph that is an absolute must read!
Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer
I would watch him watch the ocean. He would build fires and sit, all night waiting.
For her. For his dead wife.
She never came. I never expected her to. But he did. And he never let go.
Even when I fell in love with him he never let go.
Until the night of the storm. The night my worst nightmares came to life.
And I lost everything to her when she finally returned.
For us both.

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