Sunday, 10 January 2016

Review: L is for Luminous by Amity Cross

*****5 Stars*****
My first book of 2016 could quite possibly turn out to be one of my favourites of the year. It had everything I ever want from a book. A female lead that makes me feel every ounce of what she's feeling, a male lead who's perfectly imperfect and an antagonist who threatens said female and male finding their happy ever after and it made me cry.....Simple!
Lux Dawson is one of those characters that is socially awkward to the extreme and genuinely doesn't see the beauty in herself and not in a way that makes her come across as a martyr, she has come to terms with the fact that she cannot compete with the likes of Tessa Donahue, girlfriend, mega-tramp and also co-star to Jude Atwood.
Sadly Lux must hide her feelings for Jude and try to find peace in being friends zoned.
I loved Jude, I really did, but if there is ever a guy that needs a stick of dynamite up his backside it was this guy. I'm not lying when I felt every ounce of Lux's heartache and frustration and yes there were tears at 2:30am because I simply couldn't put the book down.
If I have one wish it's that Amity gives us Jude's perspective. There's a very small snippet where we get to know Jude's thoughts and while I'm not always a huge fan of the same book in a different point of view and I'm not even asking for an entire book, but I really would love to know more of what Jude was thinking.
Having only read Amity's Royal Blood series, I have to say this book was nothing like it........Not even close. You could say L is for Loving someone from afar with a few obstacles thrown in for good measure, but for me it was so much more and thinking of my fave reads of 2015, this book evoked similar feelings, so I have no doubt I'll be talking about this book at the end of the year. All in all this is a very beautiful, worthy 5 star read.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
When desperado dork Lux Dawson gets stuck in an elevator at a comic convention, she couldn’t be any more mortified.
She’s just another writer trying to get her work seen, not to get stuck in a three by four metal box with the sexiest male specimen she’s ever seen…who just happens to be guest of honor, Jude Atwood.
Jude’s the star of the hottest TV series on the American airwaves, the supernatural detective show Naturals, and he’s at the height of his star studded career. Too bad she’s a nobody and he has a famous actor girlfriend, who just happens to be his onscreen, epic love. Who could compete with that, right? But for some insane reason Jude wants to know all about Lux…including her disaster of a writing career.
Once those elevator doors are pried open by the jaws of life and reality arrives in the form of hordes of waiting paparazzi, Lux’s life is about to explode…
She just doesn’t know it yet.

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