Friday, 15 January 2016

Review: Here to Stay (The Fish Tales #3) by Suanne Laqueur

*****5 Stars*****
This, right here, was the book I was waiting for. I've said all along I wanted more Erik and Daisy and Suanne Laqueur really didn't disappoint me with this final instalment.
If a book could be described as tragically beautiful, it's this series. The bad times have been described with such clarity, yet at the same time handled so beautifully and essential to the story.
I loved how vulnerable Daisy was in certain parts and so strong in others, she really grew as a character for me and it was easy to see why Erik fell in love with her.
Erik was simply perfect, there's no other way to describe him. He almost seems real, if that's even possible. I'm used to my fictional men being larger than life, but Erik has every emotion and thought on display and for me this is a unique trait for a male character, having been subjected to so many fictional Alpha males over the years. However, don't mistake this for Erik being weak and any less hot.
Now I don't think I've mentioned Will and Lucky before, but being so closely linked to Erik and Daisy, I cannot review this book without giving them a mention. All four of these characters compliment each other so perfectly. Their camaraderie is at times hilarious, especially Erik and Will. Dare I even say Will is a strong contender, along with Erik, for the hottest male award?
I loved every character in this book, there were a lot we haven't met before, but once again, they all seemed to leap from the pages and I loved how my imagination could picture everything so perfectly as though I was right there along with them.
There were times that I was a little confused as to the locations, sometimes it was difficult to sense where they were geographically, because at the same time I was trying to get my head around Erik's family tree. I loved the illustrations in this book by the way and this is why I found it to be extremely useful to read in kindle format rather than say a paperback, as I was able to highlight the family tree and refer back.
In light of recent events dominating the news at the moment, I wondered how I would continue to perceive the books. But I needn't have worried because this book has, in the end made me feel happy and given me everything I wanted from a book and more.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
“You can’t sort of do this, Fish. Draw a line and get on one side or the other...”

Love is never so sweet as when it receives a second chance. In the sequel to her award-winning novel The Man I Love, Suanne Laqueur continues the story of Erik Fiskare’s romance with Daisy Bianco. Though separated for twelve years, the extraordinary bond forged in their youth has endured. But when your soulmate has caused you indescribable pain, how easy is it to forgive? How much trust is needed to place your heart back into the hands that once broke it? How much faith does it take to ask the question, "Do you still want me?" and believe in the reply: “I still want us.”

Erik and Daisy commit to creating a new life together. They are separated by geography, loyal to career commitments and burdened with lingering pain from a decade spent apart. Yet despite the challenges, Erik knows Daisy is the best thing to happen to him twice.

Slowly Erik earns back Daisy’s love as well as the trust of his incomparable friend, Will Kaeger. Both relationships grow deeper and more complex, as do Erik’s ties to the past. Unexpected contact with distant cousins offers new insight to the cruel childhood desertion that shaped so much of Erik’s adult life. With Daisy at his side, he travels back to his hometown to meet his people, explore his family’s history and learn about the men who wore his heirloom necklace before him.

The cathedral once burned down is rebuilt. But a love affair is never a finished thing. Life is never without its tragedies. Daisy and Erik soon face a threat more harrowing than gunfire, more sorrowful than the lost years. With Will at his back and family close by, Erik must fight for the things he once walked away from and prove his love is here to stay.

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