Friday, 15 January 2016

Review: Luca - You Will Be Mine (Sicilian Mafia #1) by Jaimie Roberts

*****4.5 Stars*****
If you love your Alpha Males to be totally possessive, domineering, won't take no for an answer, then you'll love this.
Luca is supposed to be head of some kind of Mafia type organisation, but, dont mistake this for some kind of Godfather-esque novel. I didn't actually get a sense that Luca was particularly dangerous, but then again he was never really out to harm Clara, owner of a brothel and the woman he has set his sights on.
Like many of Jaimie's books, this one is set in the UK and Clara's brothel is more like a mansion, so I guess you could say she is the Queen of the Manor and Luca did have similar tendencies to a very well known fictional overbearing, domineering alpha male. However that is where the similarity ends.
I think what made this book so good was the fact that we have one extremely alpha male pursuing an extremely alpha female and the two together make certain scenes extremely hot and explosive.
I loved Clara. She took no nonsense from Luca and I especially loved how she continuously provoked Luca, which made this book quite funny in places.
The secondary characters were also incredibly likeable.
This book may have had a slightly different feel to Jaimie's other books as it felt a bit more lighthearted, however she has once again blown me away with the ending and made me desperate for the next book in the series.
Reviewed by Louise Dale
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be held hostage by an Italian stallion?

My name is Clara, and I am part-owner of a brothel called “The Castle.” My empire is my home which I’ve worked hard to build a life from. A future. But one day, the infamous Luca Belatoni stepped into my office and demanded that I pay him protection money.

Of course, I refused.
Of course, he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Now he is in my castle—holding me hostage. Trying to control my mind in business and my body in bed. Neither of which I will allow. No matter how much his caramel eyes and Italian words of love puncture my hardened heart.

So, being the hostage of an Italian stallion pretty much sucks.
Because this man is a force to be reckoned with.
And while I am not frightened for my life,
I am definitely frightened for my heart.

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