Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review: Chasing Down Changes (Moroad Motorcycle Club #6) by Debra Kayn

*****5 Stars*****
Well, this may just be my favourite book in the Moroad MC series. Don't get me wrong, they're all good and I particularly loved Jacko's story but this was a bit like a tale coming full circle.
Without giving away any spoilers to the previous five books, let's just say that although 15 years have passed and a lot has changed, a lot also remains the same. The club is thriving and most of the favourite characters are there to peek in on.
But in truth, this is Jeremy's story - who we met way back in book #1. It's a story of growth, love and loss. It's about learning to trust and depend on others but also about second chances.
Can Jeremy adapt to the outside world or is he destined to be looking over his shoulder permanently?
Jeremy has grown into a bearded man - he is no longer the young boy we grew to love. He's grown! And along with that comes an alpha personality and that special something that raises goosebumps along your arm as you turn the page.
I've thoroughly enjoyed this series and I'm genuinely excited to get my claws into the next series - closely related but definitely different and Maddison is the perfect place to start!
Reviewed by Vivienne Kauffer
He is his father’s son.

After fifteen years in the Idaho State Penitentiary, Jeremy Aldridge walks out of prison with the knowledge and skills that made his dad a legend in the gang wars within the system and the driving force behind Moroad Motorcycle Club. Outside of the Cyclone fence, Jeremy reaches for the familiar…Lola, the lifers, his Harley.

But, the one woman he owns and expected to find waiting for him has pulled away from Moroad. He discovers Tiff running the biggest illegal business Federal has ever seen, and her time is up. She belongs to him, and he’ll risk everything to keep her.

Stop loving him.

Tiff’s mantra since losing Jeremy falls to the wayside when he walks into Silver Girls and claims she still belongs to him. At one time, Jeremy was her whole world despite her tendencies to test him at every turn with petty fights, temper tantrums, and jealousy.

The man who returned from prison no longer plays games. Bigger, stronger, smarter, scarier, Jeremy’s presence threatens her business, resurrects old insecurities, and has the ability to destroy her.

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